Cooling an Overheating Projector

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If you are in need of cooling your projector it is usually because you have it in a situation that is that it was not originally designed to be in. What usually will happen as you probably know, when a projector overheating it will begin its shut down process and then without warning….it’s off.

There are several concerns with this annoying problem beyond the obvious reasons and the fact that it takes an eternity it seems to reset itself and again allow you to turn it back on. One of the biggest concerns is that when your projector overheats and has a sudden shutdown it is because there are bigger problems than just the obvious, look at it this way. If without warning you suddenly got a fever and fainted at about the same time every day, (obviously there would be a problem and the problem is not the fainting or fever), those are symptoms. The symptoms of bigger problems with your projection system and the associated environmental concerns are overheating and sudden shutdowns.

So why does the projector keep overheating and how can we fix it? Simple really.

You need to go into detective mode for a few moments and look at the obvious signs first; sometimes there are simple solutions to complicated problems.

1. First review the owner’s manual if needed and locate the air intake, there is a filter that is inserted there to remove potentially harmful contaminates from entering in the projector. Be sure that the filter is clean, if for any reason the filter is extremely clogged you may want to read some of our other articles as to why and how to prevent that. You can use compressed air meant for electronics and blow it out really well and the reinsert into projector. Some projectors have more than one filter so be sure to take a good close look.

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2. Where is your projector placed and what are the immediate surroundings? Many times there are there threats in the immediate area around the projector that will cause you undesired results. We will go over a few of the common occurrences that we have encountered and how you can remedy them.

Are there any heat sources near the projector itself? Many times the exhaust from a laptop computer can be the cause of overheating of your projector, believe it or not but the fans that are installed in the projector by the manufacturer are configured for optimum scenarios and should not be expected to perform in extreme situations as they are not designed for that. Place any sources of heat especially fan forced away from your projector.

While we were exhibiting at a trade show a few years ago, we were called over to a vendor’s booth to take a look at a projector that was continually overheating. After checking the obvious and usual causes of this sort of trouble we begin to look at the surroundings and noticed they had another projector adjacent to this one, the exhaust was pointed right at the intake of the trouble projector and so we helped them restructure just a bit and they had no problems from the rest of the show.

Restricting airflow is another huge concern that will need to be looked as many times people tend to place projectors in a space that is assumed as open but in reality the airflow is limited or restricted. It is not common that we consider some of these things but the truth is that placing your projector intake or exhaust ports within three or less inches of a wall or obstruction can cause overheating and failures.

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These are some of the most common problems associated with unwanted shutdown of your projector and how you can limit your future experiences of these issues. The good news is that there have been significant developments in realistic solutions to overcome this and many other concerns when installing projectors in real world situations and environments.

To learn more about placing your projector in a safe environment such as a projector enclosure that will aid in your projectors health and wellness is a great way to permanently stop a projector overheating. By cooling the projector with clean cool air you will be solving these and many other issues and concerns, if you have additional questions or concerns about your particular situation please feel free to email or call and we will take a look at your situation and how we can eliminate future trouble with your projection system.

This is the simplest fix and the most common cause for projector failure!

The question we need answered though is why is your projector filter so dirty??

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