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Custom Projector Enclosure

As with any product, it is important to realize that sometimes standard solutions just won’t cut it. We know that projector enclosures are no exception and will work with you to create a custom projector enclosure solution for your unique projection needs.

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How it all started

Back in 2006 when SSI was still new, Pepsi came to us looking to purchase our innovative acrylic projection screen technology for their bottling lines. After the first trial install was complete they responded with “your screens are perfect BUT the projector enclosures are not working and we are burning up projectors and bulbs”.

What this meant was that we either needed to solve the problem of the projector enclosure or lose Pepsi’s business. We decided to solve the problem. Solve the problem we did, we increased bulb life to 9+ months instead of 2 weeks, projector lifespan went to years instead of months.

Nearly 15 years later we have leaned on that experience to create standard and custom projector enclosures for customers all over the world in a wide variety of applications. Companies like Marriott, Pepsi, Radio Shack, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Chinese Theater Los Angeles, Hotels, Businesses, Universities, YUM Brands, Lumber Companies, Mining Companies, Laboratories, Personal Use and hundreds more.

Creating a custom projector enclosure is where we started, we use that knowledge and continue to lean on our proven experience for new projects. Have a project for s custom projector enclosure, contact us today.

Pepsi Custom Projector Enclosure

Custom Enclosures

Need an enclosure for Outdoors, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Projector Enclosure with Air Conditioner, Stainless Steel Enclosure, Aluminum Enclosure, etc. Our Design and Technical team will design an enclosure that will fulfill your unique needs and desires. Typical build time is 4-6 weeks.

Environmental Projector Enclosures protect your projector in otherwise damaging environments, including dust, smoke, heat, cold, moisture, etc. Your new projector enclosure will extend bulb life many times beyond published ratings.

Our projector enclosure system lowers the overall operating temperature which preserves and protects your bulb from potentially damaging atmosphere.

Do You want to…

  • Keep a projector from overheating?
  • Put a projector in an otherwise harsh environment?
  • Protect a projector from damaging elements like cigarette smoke, extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, snow, dust, humidity, etc.?
  • Extend your bulb and projector life expectancy?

We can help With all these challenges and more!

Benefits of enclosing Your Projector

  • Protect Electronic Components
  • Extend Bulb Life
  • Significantly Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Extend Projector Life Expectancy
  • Drastically Reduce Downtime
  • Install a Projector where you want it, no matter the application
  • Reduce Potential Projector Vandalism and Theft

Indoor & Outdoor Solutions
Purpose-Driven Enclosure Design
We Work With Your Requirements
Custom-Fitted To Your Projector

We Keep Your Budget In Mind
Works With Your Material and Color
Mounting Options Available

SSI Custom Projector Enclosure

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