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Order Custom Touch Screen or Large Touch Screen

Any of our touch screen technologies can be ordered in custom sizes and configurations as needed for specific interactive projects and applications. We carry a wide variety of touch screen sizes in both capacitive touch screen film and infrared touch screen bezels, please review the standard sizes for these touch screen technologies to determine if you indeed need to place an order for a custom touch screen.

We will make ordering your custom touch screen as easy as possible, whether you have a unique application or extreme sizing requirement chances are we have produced something similar in the past. Our touch screen knowledge and real world experience will help you get what you need in the quickest possible timeframe.

For Ordering Assistance please call 888-631-5880

 Requirements for ordering custom touch screen sizes 

  • Average Lead Time for custom touch screens is 2-4 weeks. Please consult with a Screen Solutions representative if you have a specific time frame requirement.
  • A Purchase Order is required for ordering a custom touch screen.  If you need a blank purchase order please use this link – Custom Touch Screen
  • Customer must sign off on and fax or email touch screen drawing before order is placed in system and scheduled for production.
  • Payment in full is required for custom touch screen orders.

Customizable features of touch screen technologies

Custom Touch Screen Film

  • Display Aspect Ratio
  • Touch Screen Tail Location
  • Touch Screen Tail Width
  • Touch Screen Tail Length
  • Application Adhesive
  • Overall Touch Screen Film Size
  • Touch Screen Active Area
  • Touch Screen Width and Height

Touch Foil Touch Screen

Custom IR Bezel Touch Screen

  • Overall Touch Screen Bezel Size
  • Touch Points
  • Display Aspect Ratio
  • Touch Screen Width and Height

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