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Retrofitting a standard LCD Flat Panel TV or Projection Screen into an Interactive Touch Screen is simple when you use an Infrared IR Bezel. Simply overlay or place the bezel right over the top of your display. From the time you open your new touch screen box when it arrives at your door it will only take a few minutes before you are ready to start touching your display and interacting with the content that it is presented.

Available Sizes – We offer the following standard or stock widescreen sizes available for quick ship. If you do not see your required size below please contact us for a quote and lead time on your particular size.

Interactive Multi touch Overlay Standard Sizes –

  • Touch Scren Overlay for TV32” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 40” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 42” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 46” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 47” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 50” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 52” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 55” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 57” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 60” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch
  • 65” Widescreen 2, 6 and 32 Points of Touch

These are our more standard items with the quickest turnaround times; however we have made Bezels as big as 200″ Diagonal. Typically we can have anything delivered to your door in less than two weeks so it is always best to order quickly to avoid unnecessary delays. If you have any specific questions with regards to ordering your Touch Screen Overlay Retrofit or want to be sure you are about to order the right solution for your application please call or email us for assistance.

We have a support department available to assist you in ordering and technical assistance for any project or application 888-631-5880. We are here to ensure a successful integration of interactive touch screen components into your projects.

Touch Screen Overlay Details

Everything you need to connect your new touch screen bezel to your computer is included in the box-a simple USB Plug & Play connection is required to both power and communicate your touches to the computer.

Currently we offer 3 True Multi Touch configurations so you will be ready for any application that comes your way. Interactive IR Bezels are available in 3 degrees of touch point options that will give you the ability to touch it 2, 6 or 32 places individually on the display at one single time.

Features – Annotate, Draw, Point and Click, Enlarge, Reduce, Drag n Drop and so much more! Interactive IR Bezels are highly beneficial while sophisticated at the same time.

Anything that you can do with your mouse you can do with your finger and then some, a USB Infrared Touch Screen Bezel takes the middle man out of the equation and put you one step closer to complete control of your display.

If you have seen the movie Date Night where Mark Wahlberg’s character is using his see thru touch screen to interact with his computer and control functions and commands then you are already aware of some of the features that this type of technology has to offer.

Many TV Studios across the United States are currently utilizing Infrared IR Bezels to “Go Interactive”, with their on set displays in an effort to relate to the viewing audience with current and relative technology advancements.

There are other types of Touch Screen Overlays but IR Bezels are by far the easiest to setup, use and maintain. They also are the most cost effective and reliable interactive retrofit solution on the market today.

Benefits – When communicating with this generation that is IPOD and Smartphone savvy and who is in a state of constant Hi-Tech communication with their social network and business associations; it is important to realize that to keep pace with them and their communication preferences you must speak their language.

If you make it easy and rewarding for someone to do business with you than you will have a near guaranteed system for generating interest, revenue and loyalty.

Applications – the uses for touch screens are so vast it would be impossible to list them all. Just think for a quick second (maybe take a quick look around) notice all of the different items within your grasp that are interactive and accessible via the touch screen.

Your GPS, IPOD, Smart Phone, IPAD, MP3 Player, Laptop, Business Phone, Digital Camera, ATM and the list goes on and on………need we say anymore? Interactive touch screens are no longer a fad but a necessity that will be required by your patrons and consumers everywhere.

It’s important to realize that this is not just about fun or some gimmick but that it is actually a way to put your customers in the driver’s seat. It allows them to tailor their experience with your company or brand the way they want and not how any one person or group thinks they should.

This is the opportunity that the retail industry has been looking for; to breathe new life into the local business atmosphere as it adds interaction without being forced. This is the ultimate expression of care and concern for your customer’s needs and wants as it says, “Experience us the way that you want to, not the way we think you want to.”

In addition the many features that can be built in are unlimited and extremely powerful. Why should anyone need to wait to “friend you” or “follow you” – let them do it right there while they are in the driver’s seat! This will drive traffic to your website and build a loyal following in addition.

Infrared IR Bezels can be used in conjunction with Rigid Rear Projection Screens, Front Projection Screens, Rear Projection Films and Traditional Flat Panel Displays such as – Plasma, LCD, LED, etc.

Technology – The IR Bezel is an optical touch technology that is comprised of a number of infrared lights emitting diodes in the frame that creates a network or grid pattern of infrared lights over the surface of the display. When a finger or object disrupts the light path of the IR it sends a signal to the CPU that a touch is present.

A major concern when looking at Infrared technology is Ghost Points. This is a problem that occurs with inferior IR technology and as you are interacting with the display the sensors will actually lose track of your finger or touch point. They will go “ghost” for a moment of time which causes irregularity in performance and real world functionality.

Fortunately when looking to integrate a premium IR Bezel into your project you will never experience a ghost point or loss of touch. Over the years this technology has been refined and we are currently only providing true multi touch overlay bezels that have no ghost points ensuring you receive exceptional performance in any given situation.

Connection – To connect your IR Bezel to the computer you will use the supplied Dual USB Cables that will be responsible to both power and communicate between the CPU and Interactive Bezel.

Setup and Calibration – It’s a breeze with the supplied software. Once you load the drivers and connect the USB cables you will be just seconds away from your first interaction with your new touch screen. Calibration is as easy as touching the screen as directed in a few locations on the screen and that’s it. This step might take you a couple of minutes the first time around but if you ever need to re-calibrate it will most likely take you seconds.

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