Don’t Let the Business Boardroom = PowerPoint Boredom

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Reflection Front Projection Screen OutdoorsHave you ever been in a meeting at the office?  Up comes the speaker, and yes he has a PowerPoint presentation.

Nothing worse than sitting in a room with a bunch of people that can’t understand what it is they are watching.  So, someone asks for the lights to be turned down so we can all see a little better.

At which point the mood changes a little and the group gets a little more comfortable.  Then, the inevitable happens and yes you start to slowly get drowsy and within a couple of minutes you are nodding off.

This ever happened to you? You are not alone and unfortunately we have been in that environment a time or two. Not only do you feel awkward but you miss the point of the presentation.

The first step to any successful meeting and PowerPoint presentation in fact is to have a room with life and energy. Rather than try and change how people react to poor environments let’s look at how we can change the environment and make it conducive to inspiration and energy.

Front Projection Screen on Glass

First – Keep the lighting at a moderately high brightness level.  Lighting plays a critical role in the psychology of learning – a properly lit room is going to enhance your mood and productivity.

Second – Keep the power in your PowerPoint presentation.  Anytime you are washing out the images and need to dim the lights to improve image quality you are setting the stage for meeting disaster.  How do you say,” Can you keep the lights up for energy?” and not lose the punch on the screen.  Simply be sure your screen is more than just chalk coated fabric that is holding an image.  Get a screen that will not only receive the light from the projector but in fact add to it.  Most screens in businesses all over the world are among the cheapest items purchased for one of the most critical rooms in the building.

Why is it that we will spend a few thousand on art for the hallways and bathrooms but not nearly a tenth of that on the concept launch window, aka… projection screens?  A good screen will both provide awesome color and quality replication.  Yes, but also a positive viewing experience for the entire audience. Most often screens have huge limitations that constrict you from using higher light projectors due to hot spotting and a few other issues that you may be aware of. But with our Reflection Front Screen you are guaranteed a crisp, uniform image with no hotspot guaranteed.

Designed for use with short throw projectors this screen is capable of delivering an awesome image without a hot spot.  What’s that mean to you?  That simply means you can throw more light without distorting the image due to the usual complications associated with standard screens.  Did we mention that projector cost per brightness has and continues to decrease rapidly allowing you to get more light and features for a lot less? If you have done any research in the world of projector technology you have seen the remarkable advancements in 3D Projectors, DLP, LCD and HD projectors; be sure to take a look at a few reviews when it comes to purchasing your projection technology as this industry moves pretty quick. Fortunatly no matter the projector that you choose the Reflection Front Screen can handle it and show you all that your projector is capable of.

Isn’t it time you brighten up your meetings and infuse your most strategic times as a company with the POWER that is meant to be. Turn the lights on and let the creativity flow!!