Projectors used in spaces and applications with a high airborne dust content or potential for airborne dust will experience overheating and other complications soon after being installed. A projector relies upon a steady cool, clean flow of air into the projector to keep it from overheating. With budget constraints higher than ever and the likelihood of getting approved for a new projector every quarter being slim you will want to exercise some protective measures before you install projectors in dusty and dirty environments.

Projector enclosures are designed to filter out unwanted contaminates and debris such as dust, dirt and airborne particles including coal dust and manufacturing sediments. Projector enclosures will protect and filter out these unwanted particle before they enter the enclosure, this ensures the projector gets what it needs without getting what it doesn’t need.

Dirt and dust will both clog up those tiny projector filters and eventually allow contaminates inside the projector, once this happens your projector will begin to collect dust on all those sensitive hot areas in the projector. Once this happens those components begin to lose their ability to let heat escape naturally and will eventually overheat and burn out as the dust will insulate the heat.

When you install your projector into a projector enclosure you will provide your projector a defensive line that will filter out airborne particles across a large filter and allow a steady stream of clean cool air into the projector enclosure.

In extreme situations you may want to install our Pre-filter Kit that will provide additional filtration measures for harsh environmental conditions. Learn more

Additionally for extreme situations with a high dust content we highly recommend investing in the Thermostatic Control as it will limit the air intake thru the filters to only when necessary by operating the fans on an as needed basis. This will again lengthen the lifespan of all enclosed technology and projector enclosure filters, reducing maintenance and filter changes. Learn more about Screen Solutions Projector Enclosures

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