Electric Glass

SSI offers Switchable Electric Privacy Glass that switches on demand from frosted to clear. Best of all, it remains that way until you choose to change it. The glass uses of a thin layer of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) that comes pre-configured in finished glass or laminated into an adhesive film. When an electrical current is applied, the liquid crystals line up to switch the glass from an opaque state to a clear state. Alternately, when the electrical current is removed, the liquid crystals return to their scattered positions and switch the glass back to opaque.

The Many Uses

Electric privacy glass has many uses that benefit all industries, from medical to industrial. Screen Solutions International provides you with a turnkey package that replaces your existing glass and turns it into switchable glass.

This instant-on, instant-off electric glass can be controlled in many ways. Standard switches, timers, and built-in automation systems allow you to maximize the energy-saving benefits of electric glass.

The Many Benefits of Electric Switchable Glass

  • Provides instant privacy
  • Enhances UV protection (up to 99% when frosted),
  • Increases energy savings,
  • Draws attention quickly (Tradeshow Booths, Bars, Clubs, etc),
  • Acts as a rear projection display when frosted, and
  • Acts as a holographic display when clear.

Your Screen Solutions representative will walk you through the process of designing a concepts to recommending finished electric glass solutions that are ready to ship and install. Give us a call at 1-888-631-5880 to get started.

Electric Privacy glass

Electric Glass Tech Specs

  • Maximum Width: 60″
  • Maximum Length: 144″
  • Switching time: ~1ms
  • Custom Sizes are available

Electric Glass Options

  • Can be used with glass or polycarbonate panels,
  • No maximum thickness,
  • Minimum thickness required (glass) 5/16″
  • minimum thickness required (Polycarbonate) 1/16″

Electric Glass Power Requirements

  • Minimum Power required: 60V / 120V AC
  • Frosted (off): 0 watts
  • Clear (on): 3-5 Watts per Sq Meter

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electric glass turned off

electric glass turned on

Multi Touch Points Available for Your Project:

  • 2 Points of Touch,
  • 4 Points of Touch,
  • 6 Points of Touch, and
  • Up to 40 Points of Touch (please call 888-631-5880 for information and pricing).