Electric Glass Film

Privacy at the flip of a switch.

Electric Glass Film is made up of a thin layer of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) that can be laminated onto, adhered to, or even sandwiched between two layers of material such as glass or poly carbonate. When an electrical current is applied to the film, the liquid crystals line up, switching the glass from an opaque state to a clear state. Alternately, when the electrical current is removed, the liquid crystals return to their scattered positions and switch the glass back to being opaque.

Privacy in an instant is easy, efficient, and cutting edge with Electric Glass Film.

This product is an integration material and ready to install. The Electric Glass Film is designed to be fixed to a piece of glass. This can be ordered to replace existing glass in a window frame or to be adhered to new or custom glass projects.

SSI Electric Glass Film

Technical Specs

Power (On/Off)Transparent/Opaque
Solar ReductionUp to 40%
UV BlockMore than 98%
Operating Temperature-13°F~185°F
Operating Voltage60 VAC
Energy Usage0.4 Watts/SF
Low Volt Option
Can be Tiled

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electric glass film spec sheet pdf download

See it in action!

Electric Glass Films Apple Steve Jobs Theater CA

Adhesive Switchable Film

The new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple where they present the keynotes and acclaimed product launches has electric glass film installed. The two control rooms for audio and video have electric glass windows on the custom slightly curved insulated glass.

The glass is roughly 3′ x 17′ and has a curve along the length and minor vertical curve as well. Installing this switchable film was a significant challenge given the desire for a seamless piece of film and its unique horizontal shape.

These switchable films offered privacy in the booth for one of the most advanced auditoriums on earth.

How Clear is Electric Glass Film?

Biggest question we are asked is how clear is the glass when the switchable film is clear?  The picture shows just how clear the glass is, the film has a minimal effect on the clarity of the glass.

Once your electric glass film is applied and you push the button on the remote for the first time in most cases you will not notice there is a film applied. The clarity is such that you will have people scratching their heads as to how you are able to frost the glass.

Watch the videos further down the page for more visibility on the subject.

How clear is electric glass film

Electric Glass Adhesive Film White

How Much Visibility Does the Film Block?

Electric glass film will block visibility completely when frosted, you will not be able to see thru the film at all. You may in some cases see a shadow if you have someone close to the film with a light shining on them.

If your questions is whether or not someone can see thru the glass when frosted the answer is no. The electric glass film also has the ability for stages of dimming or as we say the glass is dimmable.

Will Light Pass Thru the Film? Direct light will not pass thru the film NO, however it will accept light and light or sunlight  is on it when frosted you will see it as bright white glass wall from the inside.

Use Electric Glass Film as a Video Display

Back in 2008 we pioneered the use of electric glass a projection screen, at InfoComm we showed just that. Since then we have seen it used over and over as a disappearing video display.

How does projection on electric glass work? Once you apply the switchable electric glass film to your glass you can simply use any projector to provide the image. As shown in the picture this is a standard off the shelf $1200 projector providing the image. See video below for more information

With projector quality advancing so much in the last few years it doesn’t take much budget for great results as our adhesive film provides exceptional image quality. Learn More, Call Us: 888-631-5880

Electric Glass Film with Projection

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