Finished Electric Glass

Privacy, projection or interactive at the flip of a switch.

Our finished Electric Glass comes ready to install, at .5” thick our finished electric glass is laminated for safety and to make it a finished ready to install product. We offer large seamless sizes (60”x120”) custom shapes and sizes, as well as full control systems and for any type of installation. We often push our electric glass systems to the next level by adding projection and touch functionality, giving you a holographic multi touch display when in clear mode and a high definition rear projection screen when in its frosted state. Combining our technologies allows to create one of a kind displays and experiences for our customers.


Technical Specs

Power (On/Off)Transparent/Opaque
Solar ReductionUp to 40%
UV BlockMore than 98%
Operating Temperature-13°F~185°F
Operating Voltage60 VAC
Energy Usage0.4 Watts/SF
Low Volt Option
Can be Tiled

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finished electric glass spec sheet pdf download

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Electric Glass Conference Room Walls

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