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Screen Solutions Does not charge for the samples of our products, We do have customers cover the shipping cost of the samples due to the large volume of samples we send daily. If you have any questions please contact us at 888-631-5880

We no longer offer samples of Rigid Rear Projection Screens for FREE, please contact us directly should you like to request pricing and information on any of our rigid rear projection screens.

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  1. Please check the product(s) you would like samples for Accent Rear Projection FilmDefinition Rear Projection FilmIntrigue Holographic Rear Projection FilmAnti-Glare Film
  2. Are you an existing customer? I would also like to purchase an application kit for $29.00

    Note: Regular samples are cut to a standard A4 paper size. Larger samples are available for a nominal fee. If you need larger samples, check the box below and we will respond with a quote.

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    Note: We no longer take Collect on Delivery inquiries due to several package refusals. If you put COD as the requested shipper, we will send an invoice to the provided email. After the invoice has been paid, the requested samples will be sent to the provided mailing address.

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