Front Projection Film

Front Projection Film is the counter-part to our innovative rear projection film. Each variant is a highly sophisticated, paper-thin projection material that applies in much the same way as a window tint product. With a water-activated adhesive, the film can be applied to nearly any glass or acrylic surface for a more traditional application.

Our front projection film is available with a variety of options to choose from. Reflection front projection film is a tried-and-true way to create a crisp display in any classroom, presentation room, or area that needs a high level of contrast. The more recent additions to the front projection film family are our front high-bright and front ultra-clear films. Each is designed with a unique oil-base, allowing the film to deliver a premium viewing experience in any indoor environment.

All of SSI’s Adhesive Front Projection Films are cut on a per-order basis. For more information on available sizes and performance rangers, please give us a call at 1-888-631-5880. Our staff are eager to become familiar with your needs and project specifications.

Thru Glass Touch Screens for use with Front Projection Films

Imagine a touch screen that is flexible, can be attached to any non-metallic surface, and be made to any size between 30’ and 116’ widescreen. Screen Solutions International offers interactive touch foils to dealers and integrators at wholesale pricing, as well as information and technical support. Simply apply a thin touch screen film to your substrate, and then apply your projection film onto the touch film. This thru-glass touch screen solution in conjunction with front projection screen technology can transform any storefront into an interactive digital display in a matter of hours.

Touch foils are simple to integrate with front projection film and offer a wide range of display options. The range of interactive front projection film applications is only limited by your imagination.

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Infrared IR Bezels for use with Front Projection Films

Retrofitting a front projection film screen into an touch experience could not be easier than by using a touch overlay. Simply place the bezel right over the top of your front projection film display. Within minutes, you can have your new touch interface up and running so that customers can start interacting with the content that it is presented.