Front Projection Screens not projectors are the limiting factor in image quality and clarity

Front Projection Screens receive an image projected onto it from a digital projector in front of the screen; front projection screens reflect the image back to the viewers; where rear projection screens transmit the image through the screen to the viewers.

Front projection screens are typically white fabric surfaces designed to receive and manage the light that is being presented. Screen Solutions has re-engineered the way that front projection screens accept and reflect light back.

In almost every AV integration project that requires the use of projection technology integrators have been forced to use low light high contrast projectors that the screen will be able to work with.

The screen not the projector is usually the limiting factor when it comes to short comings and negatives in projection systems; this is due to the lack of technology in the screen itself.

The SSI Reflection screen is exclusively designed to handle even the most intense projectors up to 20,000 lumens; this front projection screen is unique in that it will never give you one of those annoying hot spots ever. The SSI Reflection Front Projection Screen is a matte white surface and yet you will maintain impressive black levels and uniformity from corner to corner, edge to edge; the viewing cone is remarkable and this one of a kind front projection screen must be seen to believe.

With screen sizes up to 142” 4:3 Ratio and 132” 16:9 Ratio you can be sure to have a bright, uniform and impressive image that will stand up to the demands of real world situations and environments.

Reflection Front Projection Screen Outdoors

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