Glass is the perfect starting point for advertising and digital display solutions. If you have a storefront in a reasonably populated and trafficked area you have the beginnings of an attention generating display. Glass touch screens are perfect solution for business owners and corporate marketing management looking to impact the local marketplace with your brand, product or services.

Glass is a great canvas for digital artwork and touchable touch screen content, by applying a thin touch screen film to the inside of your storefront window display area you can convert it into a thru glass touch screen display. Storefront window shopping is increasing in popularity and functionality, as society continues to adapt themselves into an interactive world.

For instance a real estate office can convert a small portion of their storefront glass into an interactive real estate window display. With a storefront window display system, real estate offices can easily upload MLS listings or manually update properties available for foot traffic to browse through right on the window.

As users outside are interacting with the glass touch screen searching by zip code, home features or amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms and more; they can mark properties that interest them and email those listing to themselves while an agent is copied in.

Even better the real estate office can sell digital advertising space right on their window and offset the initial cost of their glass touch screen investment. With the appropriate software business owners can track the interactions on the glass touch screen and see what it is that is getting the most views and how to optimize their storefront window display marketing campaign.

Glass touch screens are opening up opportunities to local business and providing a safe and non-confrontational marketing atmosphere for perspective consumers. All the technology is safe and secure behind the glass, inside the store and out of reach of prying hands yet completely accessible to attracted buyers.

Glass touch screens can be incorporated and integrated into digital displays such as rear projection film, LCD flat panel, LED flat panel displays and more. With a wide variety of applications and quick easy USB connection this touch screen film is easily integrated into local business storefronts and in store displays.

Glass touch screen film can be used through glass up to 1” thick (sometimes thicker) and applies similar to a window tint with integrated adhesive. Learn more about glass touch screen films and how you can potentially use them.

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