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Clear, Projection and Screen; 3 words that you may never have thought you would see in the same sentence. However clear projection screens, holographic projection rigid screens, holoscreens and transparent rear projection film are now super popular and gaining momentum in many different vertical markets; most people when this display concept is mentioned think of the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise and wonder if that was really real or just a Hollywood Masterpiece. We have good news for you – not only is it possible but it is more affordable than ever.

Most people when they see this clear projection screen or holo screen in action ask the same question, how in the world does it do that? Well in short this rigid holographic projection screen is what we call intelligent plastic because there are all kinds of tiny micro lenses embedded in the screen during the casting process that allow it to accept and retain the image being projected onto it.

Now because the screen itself is almost completely clear in color there is a significant amount of light transmission that is passed through the screen so you will want to place the projector at an angle down towards the screen so that you do not blind the viewers as the light is coming thru the rear projection screen. It is also recommended that you factor in approximately one third the light output or lumens when using a holographic or clear rear projection rigid or clear film screens due to the high light transmission.

There are so many uses for holographic rear projection screens that we recommend you talk to a projection specialist and see if what you are wondering is even possible hasn’t already been done before. Trade shows, corporate events, lobbies, malls and set designers are installing this type of rear projection technology to add that cutting edge floating image look into many spaces being currently designed to reach this generation that is looking for more than just cool. Holographic rear projection screen displays or no longer a thing to look forward to, jump into the future with a holographic rear projection screen and be a part of this stunning and captivating display opportunity that will impress and inspire customers, clients and business relationships with your forward thinking and ability to step outside of the box with holoscreen technology.

If you really want to jump into the action with your clients and perspective clients incorporate holographic projection touch screen technology into your holographic display with Thru Glass Touch Screen or Infrared IR Bezel Technology. both of these technologies are versitle and have extraordinary capability of communicating your message effectivly to your instore or outside foot traffic.

If you have any questions or specific requirements regarding holographic projection screens we recommend you speak to a SSI rear projection specialist and determine the appropriate solution for your project, as always we strive for your satisfaction look forward to the opportunity to share our passion with you.

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