Holographic Rear Projection Screens

Buy Holographic ProjectionAre Intrigue Holographic Projection Screens Front or Rear Projection? Intrigue line of projection screens both film and rigid are designed, manufactured and marketed as a rear projection screen, however the question often arises if Intrigue can be used as a font projection screen. Intrigue has been used as a front projection screen and if this is a requirement or interest you will want to read the Intrigue front projection topic below.

If you are asking what rear projection is then you will want to read about rear projection in a nutshell and study up on the rear projection film pages.

To make it really quick – Rear Projection is when you place a projector behind the projection screen and project a digital image on the backside of a rear projection screen with the intent of viewing the image from the front side of the screen.

Intrigue holographic rear projection screens are designed and engineered to accept the projected image from the back side of the screen and display the image on the front side or what we call the viewing side of the screen. Holographic projection screens are in fact transparent and therefore you will want to study up on best practices and installation tips found in the holographic projection category.

Because the holographic projection screen is transparent he projectors image will have a high transmission value and the light from the projector itself if positioned inappropriately will shine directly or indirectly in the viewer’s eyes. For this reason we recommend you read our Off Axis holographic projection tips and minimize or eliminate this potential annoyance.

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