Hotel Large Format Video Screen


Hotel Large Format Video Screen


Do you manage work in or notice the creative department at your hotel? Looking for a way to drive your patrons to learn about and love the additional services you have available? Media is of course a powerful tool and if used in an extraordinary way can be exceptionally powerful.

Intrigue Holographic Rear Projection Film on Glass

Marketing your hotel stay, buffet, child care services, shows, shops and other amenities outside of your venue is needed yes but what about inside. With all the glitz, glamor and energy created inside you must have equally impacting marketing in order to be noticed. You already have these potential prospects, find out how to turn them and their dollars into additional revenue and satisfied clients.

Static/paper signage and even most LCD/plasma technology will be lost in the excitement that is present in most gaming environments. There is a familiar saying that fits well here “if you want to see different results than you have to do something you do differently”, revisit your current marketing concepts and display them in a way that effectively communicates to your prospective audience in relation to that particular environment.

Example – have a high energy environment that is pulsating with excitement? Your digital signage must directly correspond or supersede that atmosphere to be noticed. Anything less than the primary will, by default, be dwarfed.

No longer is suitable to just be current anymore, we live in a world that pushes the limits and walks closer to the edge than ever before in history. So why is it we think that par is good for the course? Every piece of glass in your building has the ability to attract and persuade as Large Format Video Screen!

Why not have an animated water wall that is media driven and green? Soothing and inviting is the result when you couple the two! Everywhere we look there is empty glass that is beckoning someone’s understanding of the power that it holds when you incorporate Rear Projection Film.

To get a client to respond differently you need to take them out of their comfort zone and introduce them to the door that you would like them to go through.

Educate the consumer with innovative experiential marketing that has the power to embrace their own bottled up creativity.

Dangle the carrot of intrigue in front of them – all the time leading them down the path of potential sales and you will allow them the opportunity to sell themselves on your product or service.

Simply because you gave them the “what” they so long for – something unique in a world filled with par for the course because that is what is readily available in bulk.

Get outside the box of bulk and move into experiential impact that invites the masses to open up the creativity – after the door is propped open you have the potential to get them to try just about anything at least once.

Screen Solutions Int. specializes in catering to your unique environment Projection Screen needs that can only be achieved by focusing on you, your project and the specific goals that are associated with it. Break out of the box, do something different and begin to see results that are sure to attract. 888-631-5880