Industrial Productivity

Industrial productivity – Having installed a number of industrial scoreboards for the food and beverage industry we have learned few things along the way. SSI Displays industrial scoreboard display system caters to what we have found to be important to factories and manufactures across the globe. 

Keeping the line running smoothly, efficiently and with as much up time as possible seems to be the most important aspect to our clients.  In cases like beverage manufacturing the process from blow molder to pallet can be a few hundred feet long with a fair number of components in between. If the pre-forms, labels, cardboard or shrink wrapping runs out or gets jammed then the whole line is forced to shut down.

What we have done is create an animated line drawing and as the individual component talk with the PLC that data is transmitted in real time onto the industrial scoreboard display. What we have termed as the Line Manger Package has given the human line managers a visual management experience far beyond just the goal and actual numbers.

  • When the wrapper runs out of wrapping or jams the screen tells you and shows you.
  • When you hit goal the screen shows you
  • When the pre-forms run out the display shows you
  • When the line stops for whatever reason the screen shows you exactly where and starts a timer to tell you exactly how long it is down for.

Keeping the line running smoothly is far more complicated and intense than displaying your statistics, as important as that is we find motivating through visual pictures and eliminating frustration of running from machine to machine is far more motivating and reason to hustle. 

Quotas are no more than a distraction and an annoyance when you know that you are barely going to make it due to the inherent fail rate of the machinery, let’s face it with all the millions spent on the machines most often they require a tremendous amount of care, maintenance and constant supervision to run efficiently. 

Visual Line Management with industrial scoreboards is far more effective than simply displaying a goal or quota vs. actual, studies prove that people in general relate better when presented with accompanying visual aides (a picture is worth a thousand words). By providing actual statistics along with the ability to monitor problematic concerns as they arise, you are providing employees the goal and the solutions to frequent reasons why the goals are often not met.

Employee Morale is as critical to the success of any business today and its productivity as it has been for the last several centuries, providing employees the ability to monitor and increase productivity with the right tools morale increases near immediately. Highlighting the problem without providing a solution to it is at its best depressing, industrial scoreboards provide a solution to both of these and many other manufacturing concerns.