Industrial Scoreboard

Industrial Scoreboard

The Line Manager Industrial Scoreboard Package

This large-format, digital industrial scoreboard gives you the ability to monitor your entire manufacturing line from a centralized location. Industrial scoreboards enable you and your personnel to quickly visualize and evaluate what is happening on your line with a glance. The entire line manager package has been specifically designed for industrial manufacturing spaces and the food and beverage service environment. Screen Solutions International Line Manager Packages were designed in conjunction with the top manufacturing names in the food and beverage industry. It is currently deployed and effectively working for several Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

From the frame systems to projector enclosures, each part of the Line Manager Package is made to fit your specific needs and desires. The Line Manager Package includes screens that are water-proof and that can be used in high heat or high humidity. The projector enclosures can be tailored to each application to ensure success no matter the project or install setting.

Save Labor

With the SSI Industrial Scoreboard Line Manager Package, you lower your need for manpower. It requires less people to work the station, less people to respond to problems, and less people to keep your line running efficiently.

Cut Costs.

Less down-time means more product made. By knowing right where to go when something goes down, you lower your response time. This keeps your quotas high and your line running smoothly. Incorporating an industrial scoreboard into your manufacturing process promotes a healthy desire to maintain and surpass required production levels by keeping real-time information available and in plain sight.

Improve Quality.

With a constant state of monitoring, you get reports by real-time visual reference. This leaves you more time to maximize your productivity. With the large-format industrial scoreboard, you and your employees are in a constant state of awareness and can stay on top of any situation.

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