Infrared Touch Screen Bezel

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Interactive Touch Screen Technology

Screen Solutions also takes interactive to the next level with dual touch, multi touch screens, multi touch overlays and multi touch displays. Taking you from single touch user interfaces to multi user multi touch screen systems with our infrared touch screen bezels. You can also retrofit any existing LED TV, Plasma TV or LCD into a dual touch display or multi touch TV. This works well in retrofitting existing displays into touch TV’s and multi touch displays.

With Screen Solutions multi touch infrared touch screen overlays you can also create large format video walls and true multi user, multi touch displays, glass TV touch screens and floating video touch screens. Each of our touch screen technology products can be integrated with our rigid and rear projection film screens giving you the ability to customize to your requirements. No longer do you need to sacrifice your creativity for a standardized USB touch screen technology component.

Screen Solutions has the capability to provide both standard and custom multitouch touch screen technology solutions based on your requirements. Infrared multitouch touch screen overlays are available in a variety of standard sizes and custom sizes upon request (the largest custom size we have made is 7′ x 17′ full multitouch). Infrared IR multi touch bezels and OEM multitouch touch screen components are readily available in a variety of standard flat panel TV sizes. We also offer custom aspect ratios, screen sizes and formats for your custom interactive projects.

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