Interactive Floor - Basic

Change the Norm.

Screen Solutions Interactive Floor system is a hardware and software solution specifically designed to integrate into your existing location with ease. Transform almost any existing floor into an interactive experience with this unique and easy-to-use system that can be installed in just minutes.

Interactive Floors will both amaze and impress anyone passing by the floor and attract him or her right towards the interactive surface as it is almost irresistible. With its ease of integration and remarkable attraction and advertising capabilities, these systems are currently being utilized in retail, commercial, casinos, museums, airports, shopping malls, storefronts, restaurants and many other spaces.

basic interactive floor package

Technical Specs

Interactive Floor - Basic

Our BASIC system is just the interactive floor requirements and includes only the following:

  • Interactive Camera
  • Interactive Floor Software
  • Required Cables

You will need:

Download Interactive Floor Spec Sheet for more details:

interactive floor basic package spec sheet pdf download

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