Interactive Instore Touch Screen Displays

Interactive Touch Screen Technologies Interface

Do you want to create a unique in store experience for your customers?

Are you looking to set your store apart from all the rest and maximise the opportunity to sell to your customers while they walk through the store?

With “Instore” interactive touch screen technology and messaging solutions you can now create a two way communications service and let your customers discover everything about you and the products and services you have to offer in your store.

Holographic Projection Touch Screen on Glass for Outfit CatalogUsing a range of devices from large touch screen monitors, interactive holographic touch screen technology and kiosk displays combined with intelligent messaging software through a touch screen interface, you are now able to communicate to your customers using exciting and engaging visual messages.

As you know it’s vital to maintain your customers’ attention and interest in your products so they don’t quickly move on to the next shop. So while you have a captured audience, maximise the messages you wish to deliver. Advertise your current promotion, provide detailed information on a product, or simply run a movie to keep the children amused so your customers can concentrate on that next purchase.

Business Reception

With the “Interactive Reception” solution you can start selling to your customers from the moment they walk into your reception area. This is made possible by transforming this environment into a visual interactive experience where the latest company news is broadcast and where customers, suppliers and staff can select further information by simply touching the screen. You can have full control of the information flow which can be programmed to automatically change throughout the day, making sure those important messages are always up to date.

Just imagine, your customer could already have a good idea what they would like to buy by the time you pick them up from the reception area and that new recruit has decided that this is the company they want to work for!

The interactive touch screen technology and functionality turns the whole experience into a two way communications sales tool by encouraging customers to touch the screens and select additional information on a service or product of most interest to them. If they don’t have time to wait, they can simply leave you a message to send on additional information.

Dynamic messaging as customers walk in the store

The large holographic displays located close to the entrance of your store provide an ideal medium to present your key messages, product promotions or store guides. Change the messages throughout the day to keep the information fresh and relevant for your audience.

Detailed product information

Kiosk displays strategically located around the store can provide multimedia views of the products and services you have to offer. One touch of the screen technology and your customers can search for more detail on the product they are looking for.

Touch Screen Content Savings

Interactive Visual Systems can increase PROFIT opportunities by:

  • Keeping customers in your store – Increasing the opportunity for them to buy your service and not your competitors’
  • Improving the promotion of the products and services you have on offer – Your customer may not have realised until now that you sold a particular item of interest to them!
  • Providing an additional sales and lead generation assistant – Driving incremental sales
  • Create an unlimited digital catalog – Customers can now access your entire product portfolio via the touch screen technology interface
  • Allowing instant updates of content to react to changes in services and products on offer
  • Using your display to advertise complementary services of your business partners – This activity can provide the potential for the service to be self financing
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