Interactive Internal Communication

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Effective internal communications

So how do you manage to keep a large business updated with the latest company information? Emails that no one reads, large expensive static posters, A4 sheets of paper hastily printed stuck to doors, windows, and notice boards? How much time and money do you spend on these activities and how effective are these current forms of communication?

“Interactive Visual Messaging” solutions combine intelligent messaging software, with a range of large interactive holographic rear projection screens or projection films, LCD displays integrated with Interactive Foil touch technology to provide the ultimate visual communications medium.

Direct your existing web or multi-media content into intelligent messaging solution and your staff can browse and leave messages by simply touching the screen. No longer will your colleagues miss those vital messages because they are swamped by hundreds of e-mail messages during the day!

Dynamic messaging

Large interactive displays located close to the entrance of your business provide the ideal medium to communicate key sales, product and company information. Change the content throughout the day and keep the information fresh and relevant for your staff.

Departmental updates

A mix of large holographic, plasma screens and kiosks can be used to deliver specific departmental information. Display performance against key targets and objectives for the day/month. Make sure all your colleagues know the top priorities for their department and how these relate to the overall business objectives.

Company social content

Schedule the content to change during the day, e.g. display the restaurant menu between 12-2 pm, the news at 1 pm, remind staff of social events that have been organised by the company and run updates on company benefit schemes.

Interactive Visual Systems can increase PROFIT opportunities by:

  • By keeping all staff updated on the key company messages – Creating more informed and efficient work force
  • Making sure all staff are aware of that new product or sales promotion – Maximising all sales opportunities
  • Creating an unlimited display – To promote a wide range of messages to your staff
  • Allowing instant updates of content – So you can react to changes both internally and in the market place
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