Interactive DOOH Displays

Digital Out of Home Touch Screen

Interactive Digital Out of Home Touch Screen Signage

Interactive touch foils are ideal for supporting in-store and through window digital signage solutions. Screen Solutions offers thru-glass Interactive touch foils to resellers, dealers, manufactures and integrators, large format through glass touch technology is integrated into various display technologies. Touch Foil technology can integrate into LCD, Rear Projection, Tabletop and Through Glass displays providing your customers with large format interactive digital signage.

Large Through Glass Interactive Signage

Using thru-glass interactive touch foils unique and pioneering touch screen technology immediately eliminates the requirement for static paper sheets that can immediately become irrelevant, and are time consuming and expensive to update. Our touch screen technology allows readers to view the information that is applicable to each individual.

Large format 30’’ – 167’’ USB touch screen interactive digital signage displays attract attention and invite passersby to touch the screen. Upon touching the glass touch screen the user is automatically communicating their interests and desires letting companies know the products and services that are most popular.

For further information about Interactive touch foil and the benefits of using this innovative USB touch screen product with a variety of Digital Signage solutions please call our offices at 888-631-5880 or use our contact form.

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