Interactive Reception Displays

Interactive Reception Displays

Purchase Touch Foil Interactive Reception Area Displays

Create an Interactive Reception DisplayIs your reception area delivering the right message?

Are the most important messages you would like to deliver to your customers, suppliers and staff locked away in static displays that never change from one month to another?

“Interactive Reception” solutions are designed to dramatically change the reception area experience. The solution combines intelligent messaging software with large high intensity interactive projection screens and projection film displays using ProFoil thru-glass touch foil technology bringing you the ultimate visual messaging medium.

The interactive touch foil functionality turns the whole experience into a two way communications and sales tool by allowing customers to touch the screen and select additional company information or further details on a service or product of most interest to them.

Business Reception

With the “Interactive Reception” solution you can start selling to your customers from the moment they walk into your reception area.

This is made possible by transforming this environment into a visual interactive experience where the latest company news is broadcast and where customers, suppliers and staff can select further information by simply touching the screen.

You can have full control of the information flow which can be programmed to automatically change throughout the day, making sure those important messages are always up to date.

Just imagine, your customer could already have a good idea what they would like to buy by the time you pick them up from the reception area and that new recruit has decided that this is the company they want to work for!

Hotel Foyer

With intelligent messaging software from our global partners you can turn your foyer display in to a truly dynamic experience for your guests and even your own internal staff.

Change the information feed to display different messages throughout the day, from news on the hour to advertising local events/partner services such as restaurants, theaters, trips, museums and car rental.

Add interactivity and touch foil technology and your customers can browse for additional information on the products and services you have on offer, increasing your opportunity to sell more.

Interactive Touch Film Visual Systems can increase PROFIT opportunities by:

  • Providing effective communication to your audience and improve your corporate image with window touch
  • Providing a twenty four-hour sales and lead generation assistant – Driving incremental sales
  • Creating an unlimited display – Customers can now access your entire product portfolio with the window touch screen film
  • Allowing instant update of content to react to changes in services and products on offer
  • Attracting and holding customers’ attention at your location – Increasing the opportunity for them to buy your service and not your competitors
  • Using your window touch foil display to advertise complementary services of your business partners – This activity can provide the potential for the service to be self financing
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