Interactive Retail Storefronts - Multitouch on Your Window

Touch Screen On Glass

By combining rear projection film on glass with touch screen overlays you can create an awesome interactive retail window that will draw the wonder of your customers and delight passersby. You can use this technology right on your store front window to truly create an interactive experience that your customers will not soon forget. Retail window displays that can be used in an interactive way via touch screen technology offers a variety of uses to any business, cause or event.

Purchase Interactive Storefronts that Project on GlassWith an interactive storefront glass touch screen window you will be able to inform and interact with your customers in a brand new way that will not only catch their attention but will promote fast sales. Retail business owners can post special sales, new products, or opportunities only available to those who interact with the multitouch media. Added encouragement to try out the touch screen technology! With a simple touch on the glass touch screen your clients can scroll through a catalog of the items in your store, view the sales prices, opt-in to promotions, learn about special events, and more. No matter what it is that you want your customers to be able to do via the touch screen it is possible.

By combining the different technologies of rear projection film which is a thin projection screen material applied to glass or other hard non-metallic surfaces that is used to project an image onto, and something called thru-glass touch screen foil technology you can create a stand out spectacle at your entrance that will bring feet into the store. Your interactive storefront window thru-glass touch screen can be used for to inform, interact, and create a much needed action from your customers.

This type of interactive multtouch touch screen on glass works similar to an iPad, or a touch screen smart phone. A really good example of multitouch touch screen technology is what your weather man uses on the nightly news when he is resizing, moving, and interacting with the screen to show you the weather trends. You’ve probably used this technology when you check out at the supermarket with your debit card. This cutting edge technology integrated onto your retail window store front will create a sensation that will not soon be forgotten.

Local business’s can use this technology on any standard storefront window, glass or acrylic and can be integrated with rear projection film screens. Apply this multitouch touch screen technology to any non-metallic surface and you can build your interactive touch screen window display. Professional integrated touch screen window displays are not affected by external light and a great feature is that you can use the thru-glass touch screen technology with a finger, gloved hand, stylus, or pen and it works even if the glass surface gets wet so it’s perfect for a retail store front window. Complete Package Systems Starting at $4999.99

For In-Store POP Displays our Infrared IR Bezels may be the right solution for you.

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