HoloScreen Technology Anywhere You Want Holographic Projectors and 3D Hologram Projectors

Holographic projectors and holographic rear projection screen technologies have advanced the display industries possibilities and are opening up new opportunities for integrators, business’s and content developers to create and deploy unique and engaging displays that integrate hologram projectors.


Nightclub Transparent Rear Projection Screen


The Intrigue rear projection screen by Screen Solutions is completely clear yet holds crystal clear images and will give you that holographic rear projection screen or floating image appearance. This screen is also a great display surface for 3D content and has been used in museums, trade shows, event and exhibit displays; this transparent projection screen has embedded technology that allows it to accept and retain image quality and clarity.

Transparent and Holographic rear projection screens are being used all over the world to intrigue and engage perspective buyers into stopping and looking at the 3D holograms in the storefront display or holographic projectors inside the store in retail situations. Many high end retailers are using this product as the centerpiece of their window displays to create an enticement or what we refer to as “Stopping Power”; in working with so many different clients all over the world we have found that in the fast paced world we all live in “if you can’t stop them, you can’t talk to them”.

Understand that your clientele is completely addicted to their phone and portable electronics; you must jolt them out of the enchanted state of social media immersion and provide something that is equal or greater to the latest tweet or post on their wall. Boost your conversions by adding 3d holographic projectors value to your target audience; show them that you are very well aware of the sophistication in hologram projection technology and the need for progression in the marketplace.

The typical response or reaction that most clients who install a holographic rear projection screen display in their retail storefront display or tradeshow is “wow I had no idea this was really possible, I thought this was just the typical Hollywood mirage.” Instantly solve one of people’s doubts or disbelief’s in life and gain a verifiable credibility with them as the expert even though you may know little more than they do about the technology and how it works; the fact remains that you were willing to invest in your clients and people can always see that.

Image quality of the 3D hologram projectors rear projection screen is so clean and crisp on the screen that people stand in disbelief or amazement and cannot believe how this is possible; this is the next generation of marketing tactics that have been used for many years to keep pace with our ever progressing times.

Due to the nature of a 3D hologram projector screen it is recommended to install the projector at an angle so as not to blind the viewing audience; there is not a specific projection angle required for the holographic projectiors screen giving you the freedom and flexibility to adjust your projector as desired in the field.

Holographic rear projectors screen technologies are extremely powerful marketing mechanisms; for more information on hybrid projection screen technologies or projection design consultation visit http://www.ssidisplays.com or call 888-631-5880