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Screen Solutions Indoor Touch Screen Kiosks are a stock product but individually customized to customer specifications. Our indoor interactive kiosks combine the latest and most effective digital signage and multi-touch hardware in sleek, attractive designs that can be incorporated beautifully into almost any indoor environment or setting. Our vandal-resistant design ensures that your interactive kiosk will continue to perform under heavy use conditions.

SSI standard systems come ready for you to load your PC or Mac operating system. We also offer turn-key systems with integrated computers - just plug in, load your interactive content and you’re up and running!

SSI Indoor Touch Kiosk

Indoor Kiosks - Sizes with Touch Screens

Technical Specs

*Brighter options available upon request.
Kiosk Screen Size Range21"-90"
Standard Screen ConfigurationPortrait or Landscape
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Screen Brightness500cd/m² Standard*
Viewing Angle178°
WiFi Enabled
Integrated Cooling

*Call 1-888-631-5880 for more details.

indoor touch kiosk spec sheet pdf download

See touch screen kiosks in action!

Touch Screen Kiosks are everywhere because they are powerful tools to provide immediate information to a hungry audience. See below for several indoor kiosk options for your Business, Church, Tradeshow or Office.

Engagement Marketing Kiosks

Real Estate Agencies are always looking to present their services to new audiences. This real estate company heard about the new Ice Skating Rink being built in the area and decided to capitalize on all tournament participants parents.

While the parents are waiting for games to begin or players to wrap up post game talks etc they are able to browse real estate on this touch screen kiosk. WindowAgent is an interactive real estate marketing tool designed to allow perspective home buyers access to the real estate in the area.

Kiosk Touch Screens for Tradeshows

Add an interactive touch screen kiosk in to your next tradeshow booth marketing tools and let people engage with you. Touch screens are proven to get people to take action, extra large interactive displays like kiosks can both bring people into your booth and engage them.

With a wide variety of options and solutions we are sure to have what you need.

We even have a cell phone charging kiosk that provides marketing and a service at tradeshows.

Dual Sided Kiosk in Mall

Dual Sided Kiosks

It is possible that a single sided kiosk is not enough for your application such as a mall or shopping center. SSI offers dual sided kiosks and dual sided touch screen kiosks for applications requiring two sided displays.

Offered in a wide size range, now you don’t have to choose which side to turn your marketing attention to. You truly can have it both ways.

In a touch screen application each side is run independently of the other with their own computer. However in a digital signage only application the two sides can be run off one PC or controller.

Kiosk Touch Screens for Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Offices can add a kiosk for engagement marketing with digital signage. Touch screen or not, a kiosk is a great way to offer information or properties for sale or rent in a convenient way.

Using standard software as simple as PowerPoint or Keynote you can create interactive real estate kiosk experiences. Build your presentation and launch in kiosk mode for a stand alone self guided tour of your real estate office or property offerings.

Looking for interactive touch screen real estate software that automates the property import process with an easy to use dashboard and customer interface? Window Agent Real Estate Touch Screen software is a Cloud Based solution that offers customizable touch screen software with or without MLS integration. Deploy on your touch screen kiosk in minutes, manage from anywhere.

Real Estate Touch Screen Kiosk

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