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Our outdoor kiosk solutions come in standard sizes from 32” – 75” and in both Digital Signage versions and interactive configurations as well as single and dual sided. We also offer both fully climate controlled outdoor kiosks and fan cooled to cover all applications and installation types. All outdoor kiosks are outdoor rated for not only the weather but in direct sunlight applications, our high bright display panels are bright enough to handle daytime use and 24/7 operation in any environment. Standard features are: ~Weather Rated ~High Bright Display ~Powder Coat Finish (white or black standard) ~Triple Locking ~Vandal Resistant ~Fan Cooled (climate controlled optional) ~Ready to permanently mount ~Ready to hardwire ~Crated, ready to install (concrete anchors included) ~Wifi ~On/off Timers ~Auto adjusting brightness

We offer and the ability to customize your outdoor kiosk to your specifications for a 1 off custom unit or large roll outs. Some custom options we offer: ~Custom powder coating – custom color, multi color ~Custom Vinyl wraps ~Imbedded OS – Android, PC or custom ~Cameras ~Card Readers ~Custom Design (landscape or portrait) ~Dual or single Sided

SSI Outdoor Touch Kiosk

Technical Specs

Panel Size42" LED Backlit
Display Area (in)36.54" (h) x 20.55" (w) 16:9
Maximum Resolution1920 x 1080
Brightness (nits)1500 nits
Visual Angle178°/178°
Contrast Ratio4000:1
Response Time5ms
Operating Temperature14°F~122°F

*Call 1-888-631-5880 for more details.

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Outdoor Kiosk

Outdoor Kiosk (Digital Signage)

Digital Signage kiosks are a perfect fit for advertisements, public messages, information and so much more! Our Digital Signage kiosk solutions give you a broad range of sizes from 32”-75” in both single and dual sided configurations and in both fan cooled and climate controlled options to ensure you find the perfect digital signage kiosk solution for your project.

With weather proof enclosures, high bright displays, and a long list of standard features our digital signage kiosks are easy to understand and operate for years to come.

You can see other Outdoor digital signage options here.

Outdoor Kiosk SW Florida

Outdoor Kiosk SW Outlet Mall

Outdoor Interactive Kiosks

We offer fully interactive outdoor kiosks with seamlessly integrated multi touch on one or both sides of your kiosk giving you full control over the experience your users have in any environment with either our fan cooled or climate controlled interactive kiosk options.

Our Interactive outdoor kiosks come in standard configurations and we give you the ability to customize your kiosk with different technologies to ensure that your users interactive experience fits your brand and message perfectly

Interactive kiosks are often used as wayfinding kiosks and information kiosks in public spaces like campuses, stadiums, arenas, downtown areas and more to bring information, directions, local retail and business information to street level users.

Fully Integrated Kiosk Solutions

We believe in delivering ready to use displays, seamlessly integrated with the right technology to deliver a consistent and dependable user experience. Our kiosk systems are specifically designed to be easy to use, simple to service and using the latest technology available. Fan cooled digital signage kiosk or dual sided and fully climate controlled with touch, your kiosk will deliver fully ready to install and use with no learning curve or awkward assembly and simple, easy to use operation.


Outdoor Kiosk Options

~Fan Cooled

~Climate controlled

~Single or Dual Sided

~Interactive (single or dual sided)

~Imbedded OS

~Prewired for customer provided PC

~Custom metal work

~Custom lighting

Outdoor Air Conditioned Kiosk Delta

Outdoor Wall Mount Touch Screen Jackson Hole WY

Outdoor Information Kiosk

When providing information to people on the street or outside no matter where, it is important to provide a legible, bright, easy to use display.

SSI outdoor kiosks make great information displays with our high brightness monitors, auto dimming is available for evening and early morning hours. No need to manually adjust brightness of the display for best service, we can automate that.

HD resolution is something we all have come to appreciate and demand in every day life. Now you can expect the same HD resolution on your outdoor display. Crisp, Clear and Legible text, maps and graphics.

Kiosk Climate Control Systems

Technology has a few basic requirements to function properly, one of the biggest concerns about technology is dust and overheating.

  • Dust has the ability to get into places you cannot see and cause damage by insulating heat and causing technology to overheat and eventually shutdown. Dust also can be a visual disaster as it will work its way in-between layers and components and on the inside of glass in outdoor kiosks.
  • Overheating can happen anywhere, even in cool environments that due to their own heat. Overheating is a cause of poor design and improper fulfillment of this very important basic need.

SSI Outdoor Kiosks can be Fan Cooled or Climate Controlled, we encourage our clients to purchase our climate controlled outdoor kiosks for several reasons.

  • Closed Loop Recirculating Cooling System – the kiosk recirculates the air instead of drawing fresh air into the kiosk. The benefit is that as long as you leave the door closed you will maintain a near dust free environment inside the kiosk.
  • Thermostatic Cooling is always included, this means that your kiosk cooling system will only operate as needed. In the summer your kiosk cooling needs are different then in the winter, our automated thermostatic cooling handles every seasons requirements.

Our climate control systems are integrated into the kiosk itself and function as part of the entire display and not separate from it. Once you install the outdoor kiosk and supply the power the air conditioner will be active and functioning, no additional power needed.

Outdoor Touch Screen - Inside View

Outdoor Wall Mount Kiosk

Digital Kiosk Solutions

The benefits to a digital kiosk solution over a traditional paper listing board or other non-digital solution or to many to write about. We will mention just a few.

  • Display an unlimited number of messages over a period of time,no more limitations of just one message until it is changed.
  • Scheduling potential with the ability to create content that is both dynamic to location, time of day, demographic and more makes digital outdoor kiosks reach unlimited.
  • Full motion video can be played on a digital kiosk and can even be mixed in with static digital advertising for a rounded marketing approach.
  • Remote management is one of the greatest benefits, update your content being displayed form anywhere in the world. Push a button and send new images, media and more directly to the outdoor kiosk.

Outdoor Touch Kiosk

Just because your kiosk is outside does not mean that you cant have a touch screen. All of our kiosks can have an interactive touch screen integrated for tablet like performance no matter the size, no matter the location.

Several years ago outdoor touch kiosks only had one option for touch screen interface, although suitable for many application that was not reliable in direct sunlight occasionally. For the last few years we have been deploying outdoor kiosks with upgraded touch technology that sunlight has no effect on.

In addition to sunlight, rain, snow and other similar elements are not going to affect your ability to interact with the kiosk.

Ask about our touch screen kiosks today.

Outdoor Wall Mount LA

Outdoor Kiosk High Brightness Display

High Brightness Display

When considering an outdoor kiosk installation be sure to look for display brightness. The quality or aesthetic design of the outdoor display will mean little if the display cannot compete adequately with the sun.

The image that you see is 1 of 2 outdoor kiosks installed in Miromar Florida, just south of Fort Meyers Florida. These two kiosks are both installed at the outdoor outlet mall, they serve as interactive touch screen directories for the outlet mall.

Each screen display is high brightness and is visible in full Florida sun but also will not turn black. When considering high brightness displays you need to consider the following:

  • Monitor Brightness
  • Direct Sunlight Rating
  • Cooling Requirements for Display

Contact us today to discuss High Brightness Monitors or Sunlight Readable Display.

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