Will the light shine in the viewer’s eyes? With Screen Solutions Intrigue holographic projection screens (which happen to be transparent) there is certainly the chance that the light from the projector could shine directly into the viewer’s eyes. However there is a way to insure that you reduce or eliminate the potential risk of shining 2000+ projector lumens right in someone’s face.

The way to do minimize this risk is called off-axis projection and we will explain how this is done below (see diagram) –

Installing the projector directly in line with the viewer will cause a poor holographic viewing experience so what you will want to ensure is that you install the projector behind the holographic projection screen at a sharp angle either high or low depending on your application.

Off axis projection for rear projection screens is when you use the technology inside of the projector to compensate for things like holographic rear projection screens, most projectors available have what is called keystone correction built in. If you are planning on utilizing holographic projection screens you will want to ensure that your projector has this functionality integrated inside.

Keystone correction is not infinite and being that there are restrictions you will want to test out your application and concept prior to doing your final projector and screen installation. If you know where you want your screen you can start there, install your screen and then determine your projectors angle.

If you are working with rigid acrylic projection screens than you will most likely have room for adjustments if needed. If you are installing rear projection film than you will want to test your design before you install the projection film on the glass or storefront window, etc.

A couple of ways to do this is to tape up your projection film temporarily or use a piece of butcher paper the same size as your projection film and tape that onto the glass. By doing this you will be able to try to keystone your projector for the intended application; try to keystone your projector at the angle you would like – if it works than great, if not make some adjustments and see if you can pull it off.

For more information on off axis projection and how you can use this for holographic rear projection screens please call Screen Solutions at 888-631-5880 or use the contact us form.

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