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The information below should provide you with almost everything you need to get started on your glass projection and or glass touch screen project, as with any integrated technology it is impossible to cover everything on the one page. If after reading this information on projecting onto glass you need additional information please contact us at 888-631-5880 and we will get you covered.

Projection is no longer just for the corporate boardroom or theater anymore, projection technology is now being utilized in a very diverse number of spaces. With so much glass in the world it was only a matter of time until a solution was provided to begin projecting onto glass.

Back projection film is the perfect fit for this need and can almost instantly transform any glass or plastic surface into a digital video projection on glass display.

Rear Projection Film on Glass at Reebok Headquarters

Projecting video on your glass is now extremely popular due to the fact that you put your message where the customer is, installing video projection on glass is getting easier and more cost effective as well.

Storefront advertising is effective, intriguing and increases the visibility of your storefront to foot traffic and road traffic. Incorporating projection advertising into your marketing strategy you will gain additional market share and put your hand on some low hanging fruit.

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