Your Retail Storefront is Real Estate, Maximize ROI With a Window TV

What if you knew that you can transform any piece of  your glass window or clear surface, like a retail window, into a digital signage display window TV by using a technology called, adhesive rear projection film?

Rear projection film is an ultra thin adhesive projection material in which it is possible to display an image sent from your media player to the projector.

Window TV with rear projection film on retail glassImagine all the possibilities with a product like a rear projection film window TV. You can use it outdoors or indoors and project your images almost anywhere; you can even create a holographic like effect with proper placement and a clear adhesive.

Ideal for use on sales floors, at tradeshows, and more, you can display your images and be the main attraction at any event with a  rear projection film window TV.

If you are into developing Vlogs or Youtube videos you can also use the rear projection film window TV to create something called back projection which is a common special effect used in movies.

You can place yourself right in the scene, kind of like your local weatherman does when he is telling you the weather and pointing at the screen. The possibilities with rear projection film window TV’s are simply endless. Only your imagination stands in your way.

It’s obvious that as business owner you want to attract sales, and an excellent way to attract sales is to be sure you stand out from the crowd. Adhesive rear projection film window TV really will make you stand out. Among the many really great benefits of rear projection film is that you can even do this yourself.

You can turn your average store front window into something that gets tongues wagging and crowds forming around your store window TV screen. What could be better than that?

It has been determined that this type of advanced digital signage can be used almost everywhere, some of the obvious are: Bars Restaurants Salons Spas Trade-shows, Waiting rooms, Corporate lobbies, Retail locations, Hotels and more… Making your front window a window TV digital sign that will get your business the attention it deserves.

When used inside your business’s lobby the rear projection film can provide clients with important information in a cutting edge presentation; putting you light years above your competitors.

Rear projection film on an outside window can be used as a window TV to announce sales, or display the merchandise that is inside the store. If your business has a waiting area for your clients you can use this form of digital signage to display moving pictures and interactive information, you can even give directions to the clients in the waiting room.

As you see, using adhesive rear projection film is a great way to turn any piece of glass into a fabulous window TV, digital advertisement, announcement or communication center for your business, product, or cause.

Integrate a Touch Screen right onto your storefront window TV for interactive digital signage,  a glass touch screen can be used to both present information and gather information. Learn more about this amazing and powerful thru glass touch screen technology.

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