Multi Touch Extreme (Six Point)

Multitouch Screen Overlays with Six Points of Touch

Screen Solutions offers true multi touch bezels and the multi touch extreme with six points of recognized touch points IR Bezels bring true touch functionality to any LED, LCD or Plasma display and can also be used with Projection film and rigid projection screen displays. By simply using our IR bezel or IR overlay and putting it over the face of your existing display you instantly have a true dual touch monitor from 32” up to 200”

True multi touch – Multi Touch Extreme six points of recognized touch

SSI multi touch extreme IR Bezels offer a true recognition of up to six touch points simultaneously. This offers you the ability to have multiple users giving and receiving information and interacting with content simultaneously. We believe that six points of touch starts to bring back the human part of communicating and interactive with digital content. People can now use their hand instead of a finger to move objects or two hands with multiple fingers to size objects and manipulate the in the digital world. The Multi touch Extreme six point touch bezel is not limited to fingers or hands but can also be used with gloved fingers as well as objects to interact.

What you get!

  • All SSI IR bezels are provided with the following:
  • IR Bezel frame
  • Glass in sizes up to 65” – sizes above 65” are provided without glass
  • Software drivers – PC or MAC
  • Standard size cabling to connect PC or MAC to touch bezel
  • Power adapter from outlet to touch bezel
  • Power adapter from outlet to touch bezel
  • Velcro straps for safety and application to display face

Set up

Set up is simple!

  • Remove all contents of your package (note if anything is missing and notify SSI immediately)
  • Load software driver onto your PC or MAC
  • Apply your bezel to the face of your display (or with 65” and below apply your projection film to the back side of the provided glass)
  • Connect power cables and USB cables to the IR bezel
  • Connect USB cable to PC or MAC
  • Connect power cable to wall outlet
  • Open your multi touch software platform on your computer
  • Go to the calibration button and touch each X until it turns color then move on to next X until all four are completed

It’s that simple! And you are up and running with an SSI multi touch extreme six touch point infrared touch bezel! This opens up worlds of possibilities for gaming, design, content creation, tradeshow displays, giving and receiving information to clients, employees or prospective clients and brings back the human element to communication with the digital world.

Multitouch Screen Technology is available in the following Toouch Point options also –