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Screen Solutions International MultiTouch Table Technology

SSI touch tables are built with three things in mind: deliver unwavering quality throughout the entire device, provide a full multi-touch experience, and offer the ability to incorporate nearly any type of peripheral technology to fit the customer’s needs.

Multi-touch tables can use 3 different types of technology:

  1. Touch foils,
  2. Touch frames, or
  3. Camera-based touch tracking.

A touch foil is able to be applied below the surface, and can track input through glass or acrylic. This keeps all the sensitive components out of harms way while providing a completely smooth surface on the display.

Touch frame technology is integrated above the surface using a low-profile connecting frame. Infrared sensors then form an invisible grid just above the table that can track multiple points with extreme accuracy.

Camera-based touch tracking is used above the surface in partnership with a small projection display. This union is one of the oldest methods for a touch table experience, and is also the most complicated method.

Our multitouch tables are built to withstand the rigors of trade show shipping and handling, as well as regular use by your customers. The durable frame and advanced touch experience are a perfect option for businesses that regularly expect a large volume of customers flowing in and out daily. You also have the ability to work with our designers in order to specify custom resolutions and options that can make multi-touch table experience truly your own.

SSI Touch Table


Standard Uses and Sizes

Multitouch tables are currently being used in real estate, corporate, industrial, trade show, and retail applications. Screen Solutions International offers a number of both standard and customized touch table options for these and other markets. The educational benefits from a experience that captivates and educates users from kindergarten up with a solution that bridges the ages between technology and education in seamless fashion.

For instance, a real estate office with a multi-touch table can invite new home buyers to experience a non-confrontational way of shopping for properties. Customers can search by zip code, city, state, amenities, and even features without needing to directly consult the agent in the office. Once they have found the property that interests them, they can choose to have the information emailed to them directly from the table.

Multitouch Tables come either flat or tilted in these standard sizes:

  • 42″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 55″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 60″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 65″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 70″ Multi-Touch Table

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Interactive Touch Table Leasing

Multi Touch Points Available for Your Project:

  • 2 Points of Touch,
  • 4 Points of Touch,
  • 6 Points of Touch, and
  • Up to 40 Points of Touch (please call 888-631-5880 for information and pricing).
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