Touch Tables

Multitouch Tables

Multitouch Tables

Our touch table selection starts at sizes from 32” – 98” and we offer all these standard sizes in fully complete turn key solutions with one button on off, built in security and operating systems. we have these standard sizes in both flat and angled configurations as well as articulating touch tables that are able to be adjusted at will for height and angle


All of our of touch table designs will include the same standard features

~Single power source

~One button on and off

~Secure controls

~Imbedded os

~Multi touch

~Crated ready to install


Optional features include:

~Multiple OS’s

~Custom colors (black is standard)

~Tilted or Flat

~Adjustable height

~Flight cases

~Table size and configuration

65" Touch Table

touch table in showroom

Standard Uses and Sizes

Multitouch tables are currently being used in real estate, corporate, industrial, trade show, and retail applications. Screen Solutions International offers a number of both standard and customized touch table options for these and other markets.

Multitouch Tables come either flat, tilted or custom in these standard sizes: 

  • 32″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 43″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 49″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 55″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 65″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 75″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 86″ Multi-Touch Table
  • 98″ Multi-Touch Table

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