Nightclub Excitement – Spice UP the party a bit

You own a club but you’re looking to add some additional sizzle or excitement?

The Screen Solutions Accent rear projection film screen and Accent rigid screens can add a level of excitement and intensity to any environment. Both of these products receive any light source and send it back out with intensity.

Holographic Rear Projection ScreenLooking for a unique separation wall? Install some SSI Accent and point some intelligent lights at it; this product will completely change the way you look at architectural uniqueness.  It can accept video, light and imagery from any digital device.

This particular screen will only display on the portion that is receiving the light or image, giving you an awesome opportunity to engage your audience in an out of the ordinary application. Looking for a soft glow or rotating color wall use this screen in an overhead or vertical situation and shoot color changing LED lights at it.

The only limit to our products is your imagination and personality.  With these products your unique personality can take on a life of its own and be put on display.

Any glass that you have in the building can become an interactive display quickly and easily with the line of SSI Rear Projection Films.   Each screen has its own unique characteristics and powerful ability to inspire. This broad range of products created expressly for you and allows you and your clients the opportunity to venture into the creative.

GO Interactive – All SSI products can easily be integrated with one of several multi touch screen interface options that will instantly transform a static digital display into an interactive revenue generating machine; the possibilities are endless when you allow your customers the opportunity to engage with your in store marketing efforts.

Rear Projection Film - Rear SideFor instance you can build and manage your own database from the loyal customers you already have, increase your customer return ratio by communicating to them on their terms in their language preference about your promotions and events. Never before has it been so easy to go viral with your marketing efforts and put your clientele in the driver’s seat; ask a customer service rep. how this is possible and just how easy it is.


Turn any image into a holographic or floating display with the SSI Intrigue rigid and film screens.  These screens are clear and yet produce an image quality that is sure to impress.  All of our rigid screens are available in up to 142” seamless screens.  Our projection films are available in up to 120” seamless widescreens and have a built in adhesive that makes the application process extremely easy. Much like window tint you apply with water and a squeegee.  Pretty simple huh? We can turn any of our screens into a touch screen even thru glass, capture the possibilities of extensive marketing options available to you using this technology (see our article on customer relation marketing).