Patio window = Outdoor Home Theater

Rear Projection Film transforms your glass windows into outdoor theater

  • Ever been inside watching TV and looked outside thinking hmmm…….. how can I watch this out there and enjoy that fresh air and breeze?
  • Need to send your friends that smoke outside yet they don’t want to miss the game?
  • Throwing a party and want to have media available outside?
  • Want a TV outside but don’t have a place to put it or worried about theft or vandalism?

There is a super simple solution for you –

Install a piece of projection film screen on your window that faces your patio, point a projector at it, go outside and enjoy.

*See illustration below

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All the technology is contained inside your house, so there are no worries about someone swiping the display. The projection film is available in 3 different colors each with their own unique characteristics and functionality. Our projection films are versatile and have been used in everything from high retail storefront display windows to car windows.

White or SSI Accent Rear Projection Film is stunningly bright.  This projection film can handle as much light as you would like to throw at it. With the price of projectors dropping rapidly you can get more lumens (or brightness) for your money, which means a bigger brighter image for less. This film is available in cut sizes up to 120” widescreen which is BIG and would certainly be an attraction at your next party or maybe something as simple as a 35”.

Adhesive Rear Projection Films are available by the roll or in any cut size; for instance you can order a 42″ Widescreen or for instance a 35″,50″, 60″ or any custom screen size in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.  Our roll size is 60” x 33’ so go ahead and think of something big and we can do it up to 122″ 16:9 Widescreen.

High Definition Capable and ready for the best, your window can look as good as your flat panel inside the house and the good news is that prices are dropping rapidly on consumer HD ready projectors. TIP: If you need a good HD projector recomendation give us a shout.

You can have the same color, quality and brilliance on your existing patio window that you have inside on your flat screen by adding this thin film to it. It’s really easy – simply requires a spray bottle and a squeegee much like window tint. The rear projection film has built in adhesive on it, spray a little water on the window to activate the adhesive, apply the film and squeegee out the water and within a few minutes you can be enjoying the breeze and the game.

If for any reason you have a glare on your window and it makes seeing your screen difficult; take a look at our Anti-Reflection Films that will reduce the glare and improve image quality.

Oh what about sound for your glass window theater?  Good question.

There are a couple of options for you that both have unique benefits.

  • Ask about our glass window speaker that sticks to your window and turns the entire piece of glass into a speaker that sounds as good as those outdoor rock speakers any day (once again all the technology is contained inside the house).
  • There are a variety of options for conventional speakers: Of course the outdoor speakers that blend in to the surroundings – wired & wireless; wired &wireless speakers that look like a speaker; and then of course there are the high end options.

Need more information or would like someone to walk you through putting something like this together? Click here or dial this number and a technically gifted individual (with real world experience) will remove all the guess work for you……………. Oh and by the way all projection system design/spec time is FREE and is our way of saying we think you deserve a quality home theater project without the traditional “It’s done right, because it’s done twice.” outcome.

To learn more about our traditional home theater options and products click here or give us a call at – 888-631-5880

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