Starbucks Touch Foil Project Profile

Starbucks Touch Foil Project Profile

Client: Starbucks

Overview: Looking to promote the launch of their new Tazo Tea Line, Starbucks in the Vancouver and Toronto areas simultaneously reached out for an interactive storefront solution using touch foils and rear projection technology.

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Product Type: Pro Touch 2 Touch Foil

Location: Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Canada

Software: Custom software

Hardware: 71" & 82" 4:3 Touch Foils with High-Contrast Rear Projection Films and High-Lumen Projectors

Client Need: When Starbucks launched their newest line of products, the Tazo Tea Brand, they were looking to reach from one end of Canada to the other. To complement their brand release, they wanted to add a technological flair by using interactive glass touch screen technology right on their store windows.

Project Backstory: Starbucks Tazo Tea was a big deal for the world's largest coffee retailer. Being their very own brand of tea, it needed to be special and make an impact. Part of the launch was to bring street level interaction to consumers to help them engage with the new brand right from their store. Utilizing the power of touch foil technology, users could interact with a large format game right on the storefront glass, learning about the new brand and products without ever having to go inside. These engaging displays aided in stirring up intrigue and prompting interaction with the latest Starbucks experience.

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