Yokohama Rear Projection Film Project Profile

Yokohama Rear Projection Film Project Profile

Client: Yokohama

Overview: The LA Auto Show is one of the nation's leading auto shows next to New York. Yokohama installed two 60" portrait, projection-based touch-screens outside the show entrance to showcase their tire performance.

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Product Type: Definition Rear Projection Film and Pro Touch 2 Touch Foil

Location: Los Angeles, California

Software: Custom software

Hardware: Two 60" Touch Foils and Definition Rear Projection Film with a DLP Projector

Client Need: Yokohama tires desired a unique and engaging experience for Auto Show attendees to learn about their tires and the benefits and effects of variables to things such as tire pressure and gas mileage. Wanting to capitalize on the power of projection technology, the choice of projection on glass with added touch functionality was chosen to provide the needed "Wow!" factor and draw in attendees to engage in the truly hands-on experience.

Project Backstory: Floating images were hung side by side with glass panes to attract LA Auto Show-goers before they entered the show. Yokohama tires were looking to capitalize on their exhibit space at the top of the escalator outside the show entrance with dual 60" portrait floating touch screens. Users were able to see performance data and variables on different tires by adjusting tire pressure and seeing performance and gas mileage benefits based on their changes.

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