Projection Sphere Testimonials

Global Imagination was founded in 2002. We began by selling large globes to major museums and government institutions for informal education. Now, each year more than 40 million people in 39 countries see a Magic Planet in action at the Smithsonian, NASA, NOAA, The American Museum of Natural History, The European Space Agency, Copernicus Science Center, and at hundreds of other institutions around the world.

These relationships have enabled us to aggregate the world’s largest collection of global content, including museum exhibits; IMAX®-like spherical movies; global images, animations, real-time feeds, visualizations, etc. Customers use what we’ve collected “off-the-shelf”, and incorporate content from our collection into their own lessons, projects, and presentations. Most of our customers contribute content they develop back into the collection so it can be shared freely with other Magic Planet users.

Below are just a few examples of the many thousands of projection sphere deployments across the globe.

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