Spherical Projection Displays

Screen Solutions International Spherical Projection Globes

Spherical Projection Displays are an eye-catching and powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Each display uses a state-of-the-art fish-eye lens to transmit flat content into a 360 degree viewing space. Increase interest, provide interactive learning, and engage in unique marketing with a projection sphere.

Hard Seamless Projection Sphere

  • 2′ Projection Sphere
  • 2.5′ Projection Sphere
  • 3′ Projection Sphere
  • 4′ Projection Sphere
  • 5′ Projection Sphere
  • 6′ Projection Sphere

Projection Sphere Packages

Each turnkey package includes the following:

  • Projector
  • Projection Sphere (seamless)
  • Spherical Projection Lens
  • Sphere and Projector Base
  • Spherical Display and Design Software

Sphere Touch Screen Interface Optional

Projection Sphere Displays are a unique and engaging digital media content delivery globe. Choose form a variety of sizes and options available to create your spherical projection display.

PROJECTOR: Projection Spheres are offered with a single projector in the base of the display, although you can suspend the spherical globe in the air most are mounted right side up on the floor.

SEAMLESS PROJECTION SPHERE: Each sphere is made of a diffusion acrylic material designed to accept and present the projected light on to the globe itself. Our spheres are seamless and not made by joined hemispheres together providing the ultimate in projection sphere viewing.

LENS: The special spherical projection lens is designed for the purpose of providing standard projectors the ability to project onto a sphere from the inside.

BASE: Each projection sphere display will include a standard base structure. To customize and make each display unique to you, ask about our customized base options (which includes, design, material, shape, color and more).

SOFTWARE: Creating the content for you new projection sphere can be challenging and time consuming. Our software will make it easier to create unique and innovative spherical display content by using your storyboard and digital assets.

Complete Systems Starting at: $29,995.90ea