Spherical Projection Displays

Spherical Projection Displays

Screen Solutions International Spherical Projection Globes

Spherical Projection Displays are an eye-catching and powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Each display uses a state-of-the-art fish-eye lens to transmit flat content into a 360 degree viewing space. Increase interest, provide interactive learning, and engage in unique marketing with a projection sphere.


Hard Seamless Projection Sphere

  • 2′ Projection Sphere
  • 2.5′ Projection Sphere
  • 3′ Projection Sphere
  • 4′ Projection Sphere
  • 5′ Projection Sphere
  • 6′ Projection Sphere

Projection Sphere Packages

Each turnkey package includes the following:

  • Projector
  • Projection Sphere (seamless)
  • Spherical Projection Lens
  • Sphere and Projector Base
  • Spherical Display and Design Software

Sphere Touch Screen Interface Optional

Projection Sphere Displays are a unique and engaging digital media content delivery globe.

Choose from a variety of sizes and options available to create your spherical projection display.

PROJECTOR: Projection Spheres are offered with a single projector in the base of the display, although you can suspend the spherical globe in the air most are mounted right side up on the floor.

SEAMLESS PROJECTION SPHERE: Each sphere is made of a diffusion acrylic material designed to accept and present the projected light on to the globe itself. Our spheres are seamless and not made by joined hemispheres together providing the ultimate in projection sphere viewing.

LENS: The special spherical projection lens is designed for the purpose of providing standard projectors the ability to project onto a sphere from the inside.

BASE: Each projection sphere display will include a standard base structure. To customize and make each display unique to you, ask about our customized base options (which includes, design, material, shape, color and more).

SOFTWARE: Creating the content for you new projection sphere can be challenging and time consuming. Our software will make it easier to create unique and innovative spherical display content by using your storyboard and digital assets.

Complete Systems Starting at: $19,995.90ea


Add a Touch Screen: Touch Screen Sphere

Exhibits and Outreach Spherical Projection Displays

Projection Sphere digital video globes grab people’s attention and spark their imagination. They make it much easier for people to intuitively understand dynamic global systems – or to put information in a global context – whether it’s climate, the biosphere, geologic history, cultural heritage, the return of Egyptian antiquities, global literacy, or any other global topic. They help tell stories about our planet in a much more compelling way, so people want to repeat the experience. With a Magic Planet, you can change your exhibits quickly and easily, so people will come back again and again, learning new things each time.

Marketing and Promotion

If attention is what you’re after, a Projection Sphere is ideal. However, that’s just the starting point for the results a Magic Planet can deliver. With its 360° line of sight, and its true interactivity, Magic Planets represent the next generation of digital signage and “in-store” advertising. Magic Planets can be integrated with kiosks, 3rd party applications such as merchandising systems, even with games, so you can draw people in and interactively escort them all the way to your final business objective.

Educational Spherical Projection Displays

Projection Sphere’s amaze students, holds their attention, and keeps them fully engaged in the learning process; it makes teaching easier, and also helps students understand any subject with a global context. Whether you teach Earth and Planetary Sciences, World History, Geography, or Social Science, the Magic Planet is an intuitive and student-friendly way to provide interactive instruction.

Executive Briefing and Situation Awareness

An executive’s time and attention are precious commodities. With a Magic Planet incorporated into your presentation, you’re much more likely to get the time and attention your message deserves. Magic Planets make it easy for people to quickly understand dynamic global systems and situations, so your information has maximum impact in minimum time. To illustrate in just a few minutes what’s happening across 17 time zones, a Projection Sphere is the answer.

Projection Sphere Hardware

Projection Sphere’s come in twelve sizes from 16″ to almost 10′ (41cm to 3m) – there’s a size for every space. They can sit on a tabletop, be fixed to the floor or wall, or they can be hung by a lift from the ceiling. They can be driven by a computer application, by an HD DVD player, by a media server and synchronized with your other multimedia, or by a live streaming video source. So, whether you’re after a 16” interactive personal experience, a 30” multi-touch globe experience, an incomparable 3m wow factor, or anything in between, there’s a Magic Planet solution that’s right for you.

Projection Sphere Library PackagesProjection Sphere Sizes

Sphere sizes of 16″ to 18″ (41cm – 46cm) afford maximum portability while grabbing people’s attention and sparking their imagination. Sizes 24″, 30″ and 36″ (61cm – 91.44cm) add imposing visual experiences while remaining personal and approachable. For maximum stunning impact, a 4′, 5′ or 6′ (1.219m to 1.828m) globe cannot be matched. Inflatable sizes can be even larger; up to almost 10′ (3m). No matter what the size, you can see your information or promotional media from any angle – there are no “dead spots” on the spherical display that might impact the experience.

Suspended Projection SphereInstallation & Portability

The product comes in seven configurations: portable; pedestal; chassis; pedestal touch globe; inflatable; external projection; and our ultra-high-resolution Dual HD Magic Planet. Portable units can be carried by a single individual, and set up for a presentation alongside a notebook computer in little more time than it takes to set up a PC projector. Whether it’s for use in a meeting room, a boardroom, on a tabletop or in a classroom, a Magic Planet Spherical Projection Displays can be transported there and set up quickly and easily.

Pedestal configurations are ideal for standing exhibits or displays, such as in museums, stores, executive briefing centers, and corporate lobbies. With the Magic Planet mounted on a black matte base, visitors will feel just like they’re watching the Magic Planet floating in space. For the most compelling interactive experience, a Magic Planet touch globe is ideal. Multiple visitors can explore the exhibit content in their own unique way with just the touch of a finger.

Projection Sphere Pedestal SystemsStandard or Customized Mounting Base

Chassis configurations are designed so that you can incorporate the Magic Planet into your own enclosure, furniture or architectural detail. The Magic Planet can become an integral part of your architectural style.

 Global Imagination’s inflatable products, Magic Planet Spheres, are available with globe sizes of 1.6, 2, 2.5, and 3m (5′ 3″, 6′ 7″, 8′ 2″, and 9′ 10″) in diameter.  Magic Planet Spherical Projection Displays are ideal for situations in which you need to combine a large sphere with rugged portability, such as for stage or trade shows; educational, corporate, government or cultural events; as well as for branding, marketing and promotions. 

The stunning Dual HD system is the highest resolution Magic Planet ever; it achieves this new breakthrough by utilizing an innovative new lens, which merges the output of two HD projectors into one ultra-high-resolution image. Moreover, innovations like interactive real-time edge blending and projector color matching ensure that your image is always at its finest. What results is a spectacular 2.9 million pixels of global imagery – providing the absolute sharpest and brightest spherical display on the planet.

Spherical Projection Displays Museum Projection SphereProjection Sphere Upgrade Options:

The Dual HD is offered with a wide range of Magic Planet spheres, starting with the stunning 3′ (91cm) sphere. The system uses two HD projectors; however it’s driven by a single computer making it both cost effective and easy to maintain.

Global Imagination also now offers the Magic Planet EP, which combines images from four external projectors to create a stunning spherical display.  Based upon NOAA’s SOS technology†, the Magic Planet EP comes in sphere diameters of 68″ and up.  It’s ideal for theater-like settings where you want maximum visual impact, and for large areas where using multiple external projectors is essential.

Spherical Projection Displays Projection Sphere CorporateSphere Maintenance and Usage

Daily operation of the Magic Planet is easy – it can be handled by almost anyone. Customers typically leave the software or media server running 24/7, and merely have someone turn the projector on and off daily. As far as operation costs, as with any projector, the bulb needs to be replaced about every 1,500 – 2,000 hrs (depending upon the particular projector), so operational costs are minimal. Magic Planet globes are made of a durable materials that can be cleaned with soap and water.

4K Projection Sphere4K Projection Sphere Now Available

Projection Spheres are now available with a 4K Projector Option for higher resolution requirements and preference.

Ask us today about upgrading your projection sphere to a 4K projector.

Projection Sphere Software

Projection Sphere SoftwareThe Magic Planet Spherical Projection Displays hardware comes bundled with everything you need to run your exhibit or to display your media. With the large range of content and exhibits in the Magic Planet user community, your Magic Planet can be delivering value the day it’s installed!

Are your needs unique, and not completely addressed by the range of choices already provided? If so, Global Imagination will design and build a custom system to your exact specifications. We also provide additional hardware such as touch-screens, kiosks, computers, and shipping cases, as well as software and content development services so you can get a one-stop-shop for your needs.
† The US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s Science on a Sphere™.

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