Projection System Design Done for You – information, product information and design services

Projection System Design Done for You – information, product information and design services

Putting all the pieces together when it comes to a projection system can be a daunting task if you do not do it every day; many shop owners, managers and business’s want to utilize interactive projection technology but don’t know where to start.

Projection System Design Services – a resource for anyone designing, dreaming or incorporating a projection technologies system into their life, business or project.
Visit and download our projection system design worksheet and read about many of the different technologies available today.

Projection System Design Consultants - SSI

If you are in the conceptual or design phase of your new project we are here to provide you with the needed assistance to pull your whole project together and be sure everything is accounted for before you embark upon the much anticipated installation day.

Nothing worse than getting your new digital projection system displays delivered and you go to install and realize there is at least one or two key components that you or your vendor didn’t realize were missing. This usually makes for a bad day and spending more money on your project than you had anticipated not to mention the expedited shipping fees and everything else.

The best part about our Projection System Design and Consultation Services is that they are completely FREE and there is never an obligation to purchase. We will strive to provide you with the information, quotes and real world experience needed to design the right system for you; be sure to ask us about previous experience that we have had with your particular requirements or project goals.

Why go it on your own – talk to the guys that do this every single day, if you are not sure about a project that you are already have specified or in the works we will take a quick look for you. It never hurts to put an extra set of eyes on things.

We are here to help walk through your new project and make sure that you have a proper expectation of what it is you are getting yourself into before you order. Our services are complimentary and there will be no hard sales involved EVER. Please browse this website to learn more about the many display surfaces, interactive technologies and many other products available to you as you are planning your project.

We specialize and are a global authority in everything projection and we can also assist you with Kiosk Development and Planning, Simulator Development and Flat panel Digital Signage Deployment.

When it comes to putting your projection shopping list together, finding the right projector and lens combination can get expensive and ridiculous if you haven’t done it before. The projection specialist will always give you a good, better, best scenario and will never force a certain brand or type at you.

We will assist you in clarifying your goals and objectives while keeping the big picture in mind; we have vast experience and knowledge in the digital display industry and can assist you with any of the following products or applications –

Rigid Rear Projection Screens
Adhesive Rear projection Films
Holographic 3D Projection Screens
Indoor Projection Displays
Outdoor Projection Displays
Large Format Projection Displays

Interactive Touch Screens
IR Infrared Overlay Bezels
Dual Touch
Multi Touch
6 Point Touch
32 Point Touch
Interactive Software Development
Digital Signage
Interactive Retail Storefront Design
Curved and Formed projection Surfaces
Thru-Glass Touch Screen Film
Anti-Reflection Film
Mirror Rigs and Short throw Projection
Edge Blending and Warping
Projector Enclosures
Projector Specification for your project
Front Projection Screens
Home Theater
Trade Show
Kiosk Application
Interactive Museum Exhibits
Electric Glass
Industrial and Process Automation Displays and Programming
and much more………..

Combining real world experience and common sense, we realize that every project is unique and no two scenarios are the same. Everyday we continue to push the envelope of what can be done in the world of rear projection and interactive displays and we would love to take a look at your project and see what we can do together.

Solution – The method or process of solving a problem. Manufacturer meets Consultant Firm – Uniquely Refreshing
Simply – we put the pieces of the puzzle together for you. No the matter the project we will assist you in determining the appropriate solution; even if it means a product that isn’t ours. Inspiration, Design and Integration are just the beginning of each and every endeavor. Solving the unique problems and challenges that present themselves in every project is what will set you apart and delivers the “value added” into the equation; bringing more than products but real world experience and passion for innovation.

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