When it comes to putting your Projector in a box, you need to exercise extreme caution or you will actually cause your projector more harm then good and shorten bulb, lamp and projector life spans. You could actually get done building your projector box and there is a very good chance the projector will overheat and shut down within minutes of you installing it in the brand new box.

It is very important that you read this entire article before attempting to build, buy or determine which way you are going to go in regards to quieting your projector, extending bulb and lamp life or filtering the incoming air and even solve overheating issues.

A Projector box must be capable of handling the following extreme environmental concerns: high heat, filter the incoming air, exhaust air at a rapid rate and all of these at the same time. If you are building a Hush Box then you will need to design your system in such a way to reduce fan and air movement noise created by the cooling process. There are many different techniques to achieve a quiet box operation, however to achieve this quiet or hush box solution it will take some additional considerations and planning.

Steps in preparing for your projector box – measure your projectors external dimensions as this will be the starting point for your project, if you have not purchased a projector yet be sure that you double check the measurements on the projector manufactures site before you begin constructing your projector box. We recommend that you have a minimum of 3” clearance on the sides of your projector, 2-3” on front and back and 1-2” on top and bottom for proper ventilation concerns. Then determine the BTU Rating and or Wattage your projector uses so you can assess what air flow you will need and how many fans you will need and at what CFM. Once you have found your fans etc. you can begin to estimate your projector box size and sketch out a physical size. It is always nice to have plenty of open space and be able to work your room decorating and finishing touches around your new projector box, however if you are in any way limited or must fit into a particular space confinement be sure you review the above before guidelines before constructing your box. Filter options are another critical component to your new box and should be addressed appropriately.

The biggest concern when constructing or buying a new box or enclosure for your projector is that the projector overheating and shut down. Be very cautious about this critical fact before you enter into project. More often then not this is the biggest reason people call us in desperation because this is not the easiest thing in the world or projection to overcome. Be sure to account for proper air movement in the projector box, if you have stagnate or dead areas in the box where the air is not moving it will create a hot spot and inevitably cause your projector to overheat. Many homeowners etc. looking to install a home theater and a projection system with a enclosure of some sort will most often not factor this in and it is not enough to simply have air entry and exit points. Many clients contact us and ask why the air that is coming out of the box is cool while the inside of the enclosure itself is warm or hot and consequently the projector overheats and shuts down.

If you have questions about this topic we are available to answer questions and provide further detail for your particular situation, project or circumstance. Screen Solutions has Stock Projector Enclosures that can ship in just a few days, Custom Enclosures, Hush Box’s, Outdoor, Indoor, Weatherproof, Vandal Resistant, Industrial and many other Enclosures for almost every use there may be for projection technology. We can design and fabricate an enclosure for your unique and custom project too!

How this applies to you – If you have a permanent or fixed projector that runs in an environment or facility that has any sort of particulate contaminates or environmental concerns present; your projector is in danger and will get really hot and stay hot which as we have discussed is not so good for the projector or the lamp life. Give your projector a full time protector and install it in a projector enclosure.

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