Projector Enclosure Cooling Options

Projector Enclosures are available in 2 cooling options for your particular application and requirements.

Fan Cooled – Keeping your projector clean, cool and protected is easy when you place it into a projector enclosure. Fan cooled projector enclosures are great for indoor applications of many kinds and can even be used in heavy heat and heavy dust situations. Fan cooled projector enclosures are being used in factory, manufacturing plants, retail, commercial and even home theater uses.

If you have a need to keep your projector cool and clean indoors than this is the solution for you. With an optional thermostatic control the fans will only operate and cool the enclosed projector when the inside temperature reaches the per-determined setting.

This means that you can save energy and projector enclosure filter lifespan by only drawing air into the box as needed. The benefits of a fan cooled projector enclosure are likely to pay for itself in bulb savings within the first year for projectors that operate on a daily basis.

Suitable for the following applications;

  • Indoor
  • Dusty
  • Projector Cooling
  • Lengthen Projector & Bulb Life
  • Mild Environmental Concerns for Outdoor Projector
  • and more

Climate Controlled – when you need to place a projector outside or in humid, cold, extreme heat or wet climates we recommend using a climate controlled projector enclosure. By controlling the ambient temperature of the projector enclosure we can keep the projector safe and maintain manufacturer warranties. With a climate controlled projector enclosure you can maintain a constant temperature inside the enclosure at all times.

For instance if the projector is off and the temperature drops – the heater kicks on, if the projector is on the heater is off and the cooling begins and so on.

By maintaining a stable environment at all times your projector can be expected to last for years and years in even the harshest conditions that are found across the globe. Climate controlled projectors are designed maintain the temperature at the desired setting and must be connected to a power source at all times for maximum results.

Suitable for the following applications

  • Indoor Pools
  • Outdoor
  • Direct Exposure to Weather Elements
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Humidity
  • and more

Projector Enclosures with Air Conditioners

We are asked from time to time to supply projector enclosures with air conditioning and rarely do we ever ship a projector enclosure with an air conditioner. Projectors and humidity do not mix well and the air that is produced through the air conditioner contains moisture and therefore can affect the projector adversely and permanently.

If your project specifies or requires a projector be enclosed within an enclosure that is cooled with an air conditioner we will be happy to discuss and determine an appropriate course of action. Either way Screen Solutions is ready to take on your unique challenges, consultations are a big part of what we offer as a value add to our clients and we are looking forward to finding a solution together.

Learn more about Screen Solutions Projector Enclosure solutions, applications and technology. Please contact Screen Solutions at 888-631-5880 if you need additional information or clarification on projector enclosures.

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