Projector Enclosure for Home Theater

We Provide Projector Enclosures that Run Quietly Even at Home

Projector Enclosure for Home Theater – Projectors are the chosen display presentation device in the home theater market worldwide. When it comes to large format digital home cinemas projectors and projection screens are the choice 99.9 percent of the time.

Given the fact that projectors are advancing in quality, reliability and affordability this fact will not change anytime soon and given that the only alternative is a massive plasma, LCD or even LED screen that consumes almost as much energy and expense as they do heat I would tend to say this is a viable market for projection for years to come.

Now that we have covered the basics let’s look at two aspects of home theater that are rarely discussed and often overlooked; projector enclosures and quality projection screen surfaces that are worthy to be deemed actual technologies.

First projectors are highly sophisticated electronic components and equally as necessary and important as the sound equipment yet usually left to rot naked in the ceiling. In most homes the dust level is very high and often the cause of allergy and related issues let’s look at the leading cause of dust in the home-

Carpets, draperies, ruffled items, knickknacks, books, magazines, pets, upholstered furniture, animals and pillows, and fireplaces are some of the things that increase dust levels. Infrequent cleaning or cleaning with a vacuum cleaner without a high efficiency filtering device, high traffic levels, location of the house, type of yard, and condition of the central air system can all contribute to the amount of dust in your home. For example, if you are in a new neighborhood where there is a lot of construction and the yards are not complete with grass and landscaping, you will have more dust in your home. Leaks in the duct work can cause dust and insulation from the attic to be drawn into the living spaces.

Did you see anything in there that pertains is in your home theater area? Of course we all have most or all of those particular items and situations n our houses. The reason this is so important is that your projector is a heavy breather and requires mass amounts of fresh clean air to remain in top shape and perform trouble free for years to come.

One thing to note is that as electronics heat up they naturally attract dust and other airborne contaminates to them. Once the environmental contaminates have entered into the device those hot surfaces become a magnet for those tiny decomposed pieces of your life. By placing your projector into a projector enclosure you will reduce unnecessary and frequent bulb changes, reduce maintenance costs and time, and even reduce fan and projector noises.

Second and very controversial – projection screen surfaces.

Projection screens for the most part lack one quality that should not be overlooked in this age of technological advancement and that is technology itself. Most every projection screen on the market is falling short of giving you anything more than just a smooth white surface to project onto. Screen Solutions Int. is a Global Developer of Digital Display Technologies and has for years pushed the envelope of excessive desire to excite the visual senses.

The SSI Reflection Front Screen is the only Front Projection Screen we offer as there is no need for dozens of screen surfaces when the one you have is extraordinary. This screen is unlike every other screen on the market, in that you will NEVER see a Hot Spot on this screen (you know that nasty bright spot that seems to follow you wherever you sit), this is a common occurrence with most projections screens on the market.

Next is color representation, the screen merely accepts what it is that the projector itself is sending out and then its job is to represent that image effectively and with as close to accurate the originally intended depth of color saturation, black levels and other very critical aspects of quality video. The Reflection Front Screen is also adaptable and flexible in different lighting environments and can even be used in outdoor applications.

This front surface projection screen is highly advanced projection display technology that will enhance and intensify any image it is given to work with. With sizes up to 142” this screen can be a part of even the largest of home theaters and adding a curve to your screen is no problem. Reflection is a rigid screen technology and can be curved to accommodate a particular radial desire.

Give your Home Theater investment the chance to excite your visual senses, call or email Screen Solutions Int. today to find a Dealer near you or to learn more about this truly amazing projection screen technology. Visit us on the web at


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