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Defender Series

Responds to the Environment

These enclosures have one goal: keep the environment ideal for your projector, regardless of what's happening outside. In order to accomplish this, each Defender Series Projector Enclosure has been designed to respond to any type of weather through the use of Climate-Controlled cooling, and active dehumidification.

Integrator Fan-Cooled Projector Enclosure Front View

Integrator Series

Protection from the Heat

The Integrator Series Projector Enclosures are the fan-cooled solution to keeping your projector in an ideal environment. For a lot of sunlight, we offer sun shades which substantially reduce heat impact and prolong the life of your projector.

Projector Enclosures Maximize Your Projector’s Life Span!

By protecting your projector investment with a Projector Enclosure, you will extend your device’s life and significantly lower your maintenance costs. Environmental projector enclosures are designed to protect your projector from damaging elements such as dust, smoke, heat, cold, and moisture. The regulated environment each enclosure creates lowers the overall operating temperature, thereby extending bulb life and reducing the risk presented to electrical components while in use.

SSI can create a custom projector enclosure tailored to your specific needs and requirements, as well as conform to even the most rigorous NEMA standards. We have provided projector enclosures for indoor, outdoor, industrial, commercial, residential, food and beverage, and many other unique environments.

Did You Know?

A quality projector enclosure can:

  • Keep your projector from overheating,
  • Filter and cool the ambient air,
  • Let you put projectors in a harsh environment,
  • Protect from damaging elements like smoke, extreme heat or cold, rain, snow, dust, and humidity,
  • Get more hours out of your projector bulb.

To help you solve any of the situations above, get started below.

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Projector Enclosure Options

Screen Solutions International provides standard projector enclosures for quick shipping that fit all standard projector sizes. Click below to learn more about the projector enclosure options we offer: