Projector Enclosures for Bars & Nightclubs and Anywhere Cigarette Smoke is Present

Protect from Cigarette Smoke with a Projector Enclosure

Buyer Beware – if you are about to install any electronic equipment such as a projector into a Bar, Restaurant, Nightclub or any place really that allows smoking including your home you want to read this article closely.

So what’s the big deal with electronics and cigarette smoke and why should I consider placing my projector in an enclosure? The big deal is that with the amount of air that the projector needs to operate effectively; the smoke that is in the air will also be drawn into the projector at the same rate. Cigarette smoke is made up of more than 4000 components. The ones that we are concerned about are not those that will cause cancer in the human body but almost the same effect in the projector and its electronic components.

As the cigarette is smoked and the smoker exhales the smoke the biggest threat is what is hidden inside that cloud. Inside all that smoke that is hanging out in the bar, nightclub and restaurant’s ceiling is a tar substance that is lethal to electronic and the human body. This tar substance contained in the particles of cigarette smoke are extremely hard to remove out of your body, the human body takes certain steps to try and rid itself of this tacky substance that sticks to everything it touches on the way down and back up. However, your electronic components do not have the ability to try and clean themselves of this sticky substance.

The cigarette tar that is passed thru the projector sticks to all of the hot surfaces that are ultra conducive receiving this nasty stuff. It will stick to the bulb or projector lamp, the fans, filters, capacitors, LCD chips and anything else that is reasonably warm or hot. Once it attaches itself to the surface it limits its ability to shed heat and therefore remains hotter longer. If you have read any of the other articles in our series you may recall the amount of emphasis we place on removing dust from the environment that your projector is in. When you couple cigarette smoke and dust together you have an extremely harmful combination. The tar from the cigarette smoke gums up and sticks to everything it possibly can, as if that wasn’t enough the irregular sticky surfaces than attract the dust which sticks to the tar and builds up even quicker on the already hot surfaces. No amount of compressed air is going to dislodge this sticky goo from those interior surfaces.They will need to be wiped clean which is near impossible unless you are a trained projector repairman.

In Summary – Heat causes electronics to breakdown at a faster rate; when you insulate these already hot electronics with these additional substances then you have a recipe for electronic disaster. There is a quick and easy way to limit or eliminate harmful entry of many of these substances. Place your electronics into an enclosure or protective box that will mechanically remove these particulates from the air supply that is entering the device.

Projector enclosures will clean, filter and cool the incoming air; our filtration process will trap all those nasty substances that otherwise completely destroy projectors, LCD, Plasma, Computers, Gaming Consoles and many other electronic devices that use air to cool themselves.

Projector Enclosures have a user replaceable internal filter that in a smoking environment will need to be changed no less than once every thirty days; given the varying real world differences from location to location it is recommended that you monitor your enclosure filter over the first sixty days to determine your actual filter replacement frequency.

How this applies to you – If you have a permanent or fixed projector that runs in an environment or facility that has cigarette smoke present. Your projector is in danger and will get really hot and stay hot which as we have discussed is not so good for the projector or the lamp life. Give your projector a full time protector and install it in a projector enclosure.

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