Projector Enclosures for Corporate

Projector Enclosure Keep Corporate Projectors Running Longer

In many corporate situations digital displays are running for long or uninterrupted periods of time; what this means to you is that extended use of your electronics is harsh on your projector and digital displays and can cut down your lifespan. We live in a day and age where ecological concern and budgetary considerations are at a high point and it is important that we all do what we can to conserve our given resources.

Displays that run for longer time periods are affected by several detrimental factors that will decrease overall efficiency and long term life expectancy; heat and contaminates are the predators on all electronic devices. It’s important to understand that much like your body, house, car and clothes when you keep them in tip top shape you will get more out of them; keeping your projector or display in a clean, cool environment will both protect and extend the lifespan of your device.

Projectors give you the means necessary to go bigger for cheaper. You can do so many amazing things with a projection based display today that it is far more cost effective than a traditional digital display device. It is important that if you use technology you give it a proper preventative maintenance program as that will be the life blood of maximizing your investment. If you want to make your investment go even farther place your display into an enclosure that will clean, cool and filter the air that is coming into your display.

As heat and dust are high on the list of environmental contaminates it is important that you solve this common problem before you install your equipment. Look at your enclosure as a force field or body guard for your equipment that will stand guard night and day and protect your equipment from these potential threats.

Most calls that we get from potential customers with premature failure or overheating issues are easily remedied by providing a safe haven for your equipment to live inside of. By servicing your projector on a monthly basis and keeping it as reasonably clean as possible, you will give your projectors health and life a major boost.

A projector enclosure gives you one easy to change filter that is about 20 times the average size filter inside your projector and about ten times as effective. It takes just a moment to open the enclosure and swap the filters out.

Some companies have large budgets for their digital content delivery systems and more often than not they are not concerned as much about the initial investment as they are the long term maintenance. Get your digital equipment on a maintenance schedule, make it easy and your technicians will not hesitate to perform the needed tasks.

Placing your projector in an enclosure will reduce fail rate and most times lengthen your technologies lifespan. By limiting needless waste you will actually keep those hard earned dollars in your own pocket.

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