Projector Enclosures for Lengthening Bulb Life & Efficiency

Purchase a Projector Enclosure to Lengthen Your Bulb Life and Efficiency

Is it really possible to get more hours out of your projector bulb? Is it more than wishful thinking to want more efficiency from your projector?

We don’t think so, we believe to every problem there is a solution just waiting to be discovered. We don’t know everything but there are some things we do know and a lot of that knowledge has to do with projectors, projection screens and environmental projector enclosures. We know that in today’s economy and even our economic challenges that improving efficiency and extending bulb life is critical to the demands of today’s AV projects.

How do we accomplish this? First off we remove all the natural and circumstantial concerns to the lamps and electronics then we increase the positive effects on the same – in short out with the bad in with the good. We remove most all contaminates including dust and heat then we drop the bulb temperature more than 100 degrees.

Dust is a heat insulator and is never good, limiting and restricting the airflow in and thru your projector. Because electronics are made up of small fragile mostly plastic parts heat is a huge concern. Once dust has settled in, excessive heat begins killing your electronics quickly.

What proof do we have that this actually works? Like the old saying, “the proof is in the pudding”! The only real proof any manufacturer has of product reliability and functionality is client satisfaction. When we decided to get into this market we already had been providing different solutions from other providers that were not working for them and in turn resulting in potential loss for us. The projector enclosure itself was a very small piece of the puzzle and so we had to find a solution or risk losing out on the whole project; so necessity is the mother of invention.

We created a solution that not only cleaned and cooled the air and projector but lengthened the bulb and projector life as well. The best part is that we provided a solution to our clients and kept our contracts and now sell our enclosures all over the world and solve problems and create possibilities for AV Integrators and business professionals looking to utilize projection technology in unique ways.

How this applies to you – If you have a permanent or fixed projector that runs 24/7 or even extended periods of time; your projector gets really hot and stays hot which as we have discussed is not so good for the projector or the lamp life. Give your projector a full time protector and install it in a projector enclosure.

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