Projector Enclosures for Outdoor Use

Projector Enclosures Help Indoors or Outdoors

Projectors are now being used almost everywhere including outdoors. Not only are they being used outdoors but in some of the harshest conditions on earth. Projectors are full of sensitive electronics that are not designed to be subjected to weather conditions such as rain, heat, snow, sleet, hail, humidity and many other environmental concerns associated with the great outdoors.

Projectors allow you to do more, bigger and cheaper than traditional flat panel display technology; put a projector where you shouldn’t or before couldn’t and open up projects and additional revenue streams with outdoor big screen theaters on pool decks, patios, restaurants, nightclubs and community events. Fortunately with the advancement of technology such as environmental outdoor projector enclosures solving all of these concerns and more; go ahead and place an enclosure in the Las Vegas sun in June or outside in the Michigan snow in December. Should you need to think of the unthinkable we are just a phone call away to assist you in finding a solution to your particular need. So go ahead and let it rain – we have got you covered.

Restaurants are looking for a way to attract and keep customers coming back, large format big screens TV’s do just that; give your customers something bigger than what they have at home and they will gather with their friends at your place instead. With the smoking bans that are being enforced in more states and counties every year, Nightclubs and Bars are using projections screens outside as a way to keep the party energized and engage those that step outside for a few minutes with something that says we care about you – enjoy.

Many companies are using the sides of their buildings as advertising for themselves or additional income streams by advertising for others; projecting images, art work and even interactive presentations in becoming bigger every year. As this technology and advertising option opens up so does the need to place the image display devices in a safe and secure environment. Screen Solutions Int. Projector enclosures can be both protector and life saver and a show saver limiting projector overheating.

Screen Solutions Int. Projector enclosures filter out unwanted environmental particles that are everywhere and in addition maintain a consistent temperature that is conducive to bulb and component longevity; practically eliminating maintenance and useless waste of your resources. By lengthening the life expectancy of your projector and bulbs, you are not contributing to the landfills are our very real environmental concerns.

If you have a unique application or concern with regards to placing display technologies and electronic devices outside or in any harsh applications our support staff is available to provide you with real world examples and solutions for your particular concern or application.

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