Projector Enclosures for Restaurants

Buy Projector Enclosures for Restaurants

Projectors are great for showing the football game, sporting events, news, sitcoms and many other video events in big screen style. With the rage of the Wii and many other interactive games – pizza places, restaurants and even hotels have installed their own large format digital displays that give the audience that additional fun factor and provide added value to the actual product you are selling.

Often times the owners or managers that approve these initial expenditures are not aware of the maintenance or risk of installing electronics in public food related establishments. Public places and most certainly restaurants that have dozens to hundreds of people coming and going each day and the amount of airborne particulates from cooking and preparing foods can quickly clog up your electronic devices and limit their ability to perform as intended.

Protecting your initial technology investment is just as important as the investment itself. Many times maintenance on improperly protected electronic technology can exceed the initial investment in just a few short months. However there are ways to not give your hard earned dollars to your AV parts supplier or vendor, no matter how good the price if you don’t need to pay at all then why do it.

Let’s face it there are enough steady bills that show up in the mail box, email and of course the sudden unexpected that can near cripple any business. Remember the statement we have all heard that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” and a lot cheaper too!

Bundle your initial projector investment with a low cost, state of the art projector enclosure that will protect and even lengthen the lifespan of your projector, bulb and electronic components. Because contaminates are the death of most electronic devices, all those tiny particles of dust, grease, and environmental particulates join forces like an army and attach themselves to the hottest components of your technology and insulate the heat. Just as heat will burn your body, cause physical trauma and exhaustion and even cause you to pass out; the same is true with your electronics. Give your projector and electronics some breathing room and invest the ounce in the beginning and you and your checkbook will be glad you did.

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How this applies to you – If you have a permanent or fixed projector that runs in a public place or restaurant. Your projector is in danger and will get really hot and stay hot which as we have discussed is not so good for the projector or the lamp life. Give your projector a full time protector and install it in a projector enclosure.

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