Projector Enclosures for Use in High Heat Environments

Get a Projector Enclosure for Use in High Heat Environments

Is your facility in need of the use of a large screen display or unique format visual communication device yet you think your environment is too hot to utilize projection technologies? Or do you already have a projector installed and it is giving you heat temp warnings or shutting down occasionally. These are common question we get almost every day and the good news is that if you are reading this article you are on the right path to a great solution to your projector heat needs.

Projector Enclosures will provide a safe environment for your projector and even accessory items like a Digital Signage Controller and or a PC for applications and user interaction no matter the environment or application. It’s not always that our clients find us before they have a problem with a projector prompting them to find a solution much like you are now possibly; however if you are in the planning stages and looking for the right fit for your environmental concerns we have solutions for you to.

Heat is the #1 killer of electronic devices and as you have already or will find out, when your projector overheats it will suffocate and shutdown without warning. Projectors are equipped with just enough fan power to cool it in the average situation; as soon as you venture outside those pre-defined parameters you will experience unexpected circumstances.

SSI projector enclosures are designed to filter the incoming air which removes the dust and contaminates, then exhaust the projector heat generated from the projector itself. Even with our standard stock enclosures we can achieve impressive results for clients in unique situations for projectors to be in.

If you have any humidity in the air you may want to consider a climate controlled projector enclosure as it will remove that from the air supply into the box providing cool, dry air to your projector. In some situations indoors and outdoors you will need to consider a climate controlled enclosure as a fan cooled unit may not be adequate, contact us if you have questions or concerns about your situation.

If for any reason you are not sure what enclosure size you may need or even the type of enclosure that is right for your situation, please contact a member of our team to review your needs and determine the appropriate solution for your project. We have never come across a problem situation we couldn’t combat with a proper solution so go ahead and give us a shout.

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